Managing Mistakes: Communication

by Lawton Brothers | Mar 16, 2015
Staff Communication Meeting, Office Phone

At Lawton Brothers we know that managing your facility can be overwhelming and we’re here to help in any way that we can. Whether you need janitorial supplies and equipment or tips for managing your facility smoothly, we’ve got you covered. A proficient janitorial staff is only possible through a proficient manager. Recently Services Magazine shared how to avoid five common management mistakes and we’d like to discuss the first three with you here: 

1. Not listening to your staff or valuing their input. Your staff members are your eyes and ears within your facility. They also practice what you implement on a daily basis, and can provide vital feedback regarding the policies in place. Should you listen to their concerns, you must also be willing to act on them. 
2. Not delegating. Delegating can be difficult because it requires a certain level of trust. Your job as a manager is to develop your staff’s goals and strategies, so delegating certain tasks to your responsible team members will allow you to do so more effectively. 
3. Acting like a friend rather than a boss. While having a friendly demeanor is a great way to gain respect from your staff members, it’s important not to overstep any bounds. Friendships actually have the ability to hinder your facility’s process. You can also cause unrest among other employees if they perceive any favoritism is taking place. 

As your go-to company for janitorial supplies and equipment we hope that you find this information helpful in managing your facility. Check back soon to learn about the two management mistakes you should avoid regarding your time. 
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