Maintaining Cleanliness During Inclement Weather

by Lawton Brothers | Sep 19, 2018

maintaining cleanliness inclement weather
Maintaining a clean environment is essential for your residence, but, maintaining the cleanliness at your business carries a higher level of significance, because it can ultimately have an effect on your bottom line. The cleanliness of your business has a significant impact on the first impression of visitors as well as the health and safety of visitors and employees. Between the dirt and debris from people walking in, the windows fog up-making them appear grungier than they really are, the lobby continually has puddles of water and the bathrooms seems to be a catchall for the water your lobby didn’t catch-all of these situations make it difficult to keep your business looking and feeling clean during bad weather. The good news is, with the following tips and the right cleaning supplies, your commercial business can remain clean during any type of storm.

Clean & Clear Glass

As the drizzle, fog and/or snow arrives, dirt and debris also begins to collect on the windows of the your commercial business. Even though this is the time when your windows get the grime, no one wants to venture outside during bad weather to clean the glass. You may not be able to keep the glass sparkling during a rain storm, but if you use a quality glass cleaner before and after inclement weather it will help to prevent excessive buildup of dirt and grime and using a glass cleaner with a de-fogging agent will prevent the glass on your building from fogging up during bad weather.

Maintaining the Floors

Dirt, mud and water from the outside are quickly tracked into a business. If these problems aren’t kept on top of, a period of inclement weather can quickly transform your clean, shiny floors into a wet, dirty mess. This can give your visitors a poor impression, especially in the lobby or reception area. More seriously, wooden, tile and linoleum floors can become extremely slippery when wet, which poses a trip and fall hazard to your employees and your customers. The first plan of action is to appoint an employee to mop up all water immediately and place “wet floor” signs in all areas with damp flooring. One of the best ways to prevent having to continually mop, keep your floors in good condition and maintain a clean environment for customers is by using floor mats in the lobby. The mats will catch the water before it gets dragged into the main areas of your business and they will help prevent scuffing, stains and slips/falls. Mat selection is very important. Nylon fiber mats are the most effective at drying the shoe which will minimize the chance of a slip and fall.

Keep Germs and Bacteria Out

Bad weather, whether it is a heavy rain storm or a snow storm, means an excess of germs and bacteria. Wet floors, bathrooms, furniture and accessories are a haven for bacteria. To reduce the risk of bacteria taking over your commercial business during inclement weather, it is essential that you routinely disinfect all areas that may become contaminated, including handrails, bathroom stalls, sinks, walls and floors and furniture. Using a quality disinfectant, whether it be through a spray or in the cleaning supplies, such as a bathroom cleaner, will help to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria among your staff and your customers. If your business prepares and/or serves food, the kitchen floors, warming tables and equipment that employees frequently touch should be cleaned throughout the day to prevent employees who are coming on and off shift from spreading contamination.

During inclement weather, at the end of your business day, after all customers have left, it is important to thoroughly clean all areas of the establishment with a quality disinfectant cleaner. Doing a thorough cleaning at the end of the business day will ensure there aren’t any wet areas that may have been missed during business hours and it will help prevent the risk of mold and mildew growing in places, such as the bathrooms. Carpeting will soak up water and moisture from foot traffic during bad weather. If possible, vacuum regularly throughout the work day to prevent dirt and grime from "sticking" to damp carpet and all carpeting, especially in high traffic areas should be steam cleaned and dry as soon as all customers are gone for the day.

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