Janitorial Staffs Fighting Against the Biggest Known Outbreak of Ebola

by Lawton Brothers | Nov 19, 2014

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As your resource janitorial equipment and supplies we have constantly been keeping up to date on the Ebola outbreak within the United States and how best to help your facility’s staff to prevent the spread of the virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have provided several guidelines for facilities to follow in order to disinfect against the Ebola virus properly. 

Because of air travel and extended incubation period (2-21 days) of the Ebola virus, the epidemic has the capability of affecting a large percentage of the population in a short amount of time. According to WHO, the recent outbreak of Ebola is the biggest and most complex outbreak since the discovery of the disease over 38 years ago.  While the majority of cases have been reported in Africa, the disease has landed on American soil. Making sure your facility is following guidelines recommended by the CDC and WHO will allow your staff to play a part in preventing the disease from spreading further in your region. While there is no disinfectant specifically formulated to kill the Ebola virus, alcohol-based sanitizer is the best-known disinfectant and should be used accordingly. 

While the implantation of the CDC and WHO guidelines is very important to the prevention and the spread of any infectious decease, they are only general guidelines. Effective hand hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting protocols that fill in the details to those general guidelines is critical. Once protocols are established proper training of your staff will be necessary in order for them to be effective. 

At Lawton Brothers we take the health of your staff, customers and community seriously. If your janitorial equipment and supplies needs a restock to properly battle against the spread of Ebola, please contact your resource for janitorial supplies in Central Florida.  

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