The Ultimate Guide to Fall Cleaning

by Lawton Brothers | Sep 24, 2019


As summer officially comes to an end and fall is rushed in by a gust of cool wind, all things "fall" start to come to mind. More cozy nights spent inside, days getting shorter, and holidays peeking around the corner. As we ready our homes for more time spent indoors, here is a list of the top things we can do to make our homes extra cozy and clean.


Start with the Kitchen and Bathrooms

By tackling the tough (and more disgusting) cleaning first, the rest is downhill from there:

1. Clean your refrigerator. Inside, outside, and underneath!

2. Clean your kitchen grout.

3. Clean your oven. Lot's of baking and roasting coming!

4. Tackle cleaning your garbage can. Bring it outside and hose it down before it gets too cold.

5. Clean the inside of your dishwasher. Run a cycle of white vinegar in there to clean and disinfect.

6. Clean your shower.

7. Clean your bathroom grout. 


Move on to the Bedroom and Closets

1. Switch out seasonal clothes. The dreaded clothes update for you and your little ones will make life less stressful and less cluttered.

2. Wash and update your bedding. Clean comforters, switch out duvets.  Flip over your mattress.

3. Vacuum under the bed and dust off the furniture.


Clean the Living Room

1. Vacuum and dust off and under the furniture.

2. Polish wood furniture.

3. Dust off real and fake plants.

4. Sanitize and clean remotes. 

5. Dust off TV screens.



1. Wash your windows and window sills.

2. When windows will no longer be opened for winter, be sure they aren't drafty. Use rope putty caulking to seal large gaps and put up window film. Check condition of weather stripping on exterior doors, clean and polish brass hinges and knobs.

3. Wipe down the walls and baseboards.

4. Spot clean rugs and carpets.

5. Clean door knobs, light switch plates and outlet covers (carefully).

6. Clean your washer and dryer.

7. Remove lent from inside the dryer vent and from underneath the dryer.

8. Let in more light by dusting all light bulbs and light fixtures.


If You're Feeling Squirrely

1. Clean out your rain gutters.

2. Dust your ceiling fans.

3. Replace your air filter.

4. Replace your fire alarm batteries.


If you're still going, it's time to go clean out the garage...







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