Janitorial Staffs are Preparing Schools for Summer Vacation

by Lawton Brothers | May 09, 2018
janitorial staffs

Spring break was great, right? It seems like we barely have time to breathe, however, before schools will be shutting down for their summer hiatus. Before long, everyone will be ready to get some much needed rest and relaxation...well most of us. Before those custodial teams and janitorial services can even think about possibly having a bit less to do at schools and educational institutions, they have a lot to do first.

Summer Means Preparation

While most of us are planning vacations or making summer schedules and plans for the children, the people that take care of our educational facilities are making plans and schedules to prepare those schools for the summer break as well. That is no small task and there are many considerations that must be addressed when preparing schools for that summer siesta.

Here is a quick checklist of some of those primary considerations and why they are so important...

School Preparation Checklist

While schools take a beating during the school year, with thousands of footsteps, tons of water usage and other activities, regular maintenance and school preparation will keep our educational facilities operational and in good shape. It's time to roll up our sleeves and get ready to work, because summer vacation awaits.


Does anything take more abuse than our floors? Mud tracked in, snow, wetness, running, jumping - our floors endure it all. Schools can multiply that pounding ten fold and the time to really take care of those floors is when they aren't being beaten down. Schools also will likely have rooms that are carpeted in addition to tile, linoleum and other flooring types. Repairs, cleaning and replacing those floors in order to be ready for another year and another million footsteps is important. Maybe the worst things that janitorial crews can do is to use chemicals and processes that are also hard on floors. Extending the life of our school floors is not only a savings but by using green cleaning products, floors will live longer and the environment will be safer.


The cafeteria, the bathrooms, showers and even science classes will often have sinks, that means a great deal of wear and use on those handles, spickets and plumbing structures. Fortunately, summer vacation is when the weather is warmest, so that is one less concern for maintenance teams to worry about. That still leaves repairs to fix any leaks or damages and It means a thorough cleaning and inspection of the plumbing and other related tasks.


Students can be brutal on a school. At the end of the year, when the janitorial staff comes in to prepare for summer vacation, they have to be prepared for the unexpected. Damaged walls, desks and yes, even ceilings are potentially at risks when we are talking about students. Repairing these damages and cleaning any messes left behind from the school year is just part of the routine. Using environmentally safe products and techniques to accomplish these jobs will leave that school sparkling and keep the world we live in a little better too.

Equipment Maintenance

This is a potentially endless list and will vary greatly from school to school. Commonly, coolers, freezers, stoves, generators and much more will need to be evaluated for repairs and cleaning. Although this can be a daunting job, the right training and right supplies will make it easier, safer and better. Getting those safer and green cleaning supplies is only part of the battle...

The Importance Proper Training

Having safer, better and environmentally safe cleaning supplies is important. Having a good team and good people is important. Training is essential. Without knowing how to use supplies properly or without understanding the safest and best green cleaning techniques can negate your efforts to do things the right way. Bacteria and toxins love dirty floors, aging food particles and dirt. Providing our teachers and students with a shiny classroom is certainly desirable but protecting our teachers and students is priority one.

Using the right training and the right supplies will result in not only a clean and safe school for our children, it will also be appreciated by the environment and world we live in. Summer vacation is upon is and so is the time to start planning, because preparing schools for the summer is a big job.

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