Is Store Cleanliness Important to Drawing in Customers?

by Lawton Brothers | Feb 26, 2020


We’ve all been to a store that has looked like it could use a good cleaning, right? And, we typically, don’t want to buy anything from the store or stay for a long period of time for that reason. It’s not just us though. Research shows that most consumers factor in cleanliness when it comes to stores that they shop at. 

●      According to Consumer Reports, cleanliness is among the top-rated elements of a good grocery store.

●      According to M/A//R/C® Research and National In-Store, 14 percent of consumers said they would stop visiting a store that was not as clean as they would like; 29 percent said they would only visit the store to pick up a few items they could not find elsewhere. 

At Lawton Brothers, we believe in the idea of cleanliness (because we are a janitorial supply company. Because of this, our team has put together an educational blog that outlines what drives customers from stores and what qualities make a clean store. Continue reading! 


Now that we know that cleanliness is a point of contention with consumers, let’s dive a little deeper into what that actually means. For example, do consumers judge the outside of the store, as well as the inside and what level of cleanliness is expected? 

According to 2016 research conducted by Harris Poll for the Cintas Corp, consumers will not return a store due to: 

●      Bad odors such as unkept trash, food not being disposed of, etc

●      Unclean restroom such as trash receptacles not being taken out, toilets not being clean, etc

●      Unclean entry points such as trash being thrown to the ground rather than in a trash can

●      Unkept changing rooms

●      Reviews of uncleanliness 

Not only do these factors pose a risk to your customers returning, but it could also harm your customers’ and employees’ safety. According to the National Floor and Safety Institute, over eight million emergency room visits are due to falls; slips and falls are also one of the leading causes of worker compensation claims. The National Safety Council approximates workplace falls to costing the United States $70 billion annually. 


When you’re thinking about what makes a store clean, there are many elements to consider from the external point of view of your store to the internal, as well as superficial cleanliness. Our team would recommend starting with the outside of your store and working your way in because as they always say, “gotta make a good first impression.”

We recommend:

  1. Having an employee walk the perimeter of your store daily to pick up any trash that may have not made its way into the trash can. This can always include cigarette butts.
  2. Monitoring your restrooms throughout the day. A restroom should be fully stocked, cleaned and the trash taken out.
  3. If you are a retail store, make sure to check the changing rooms for extra items left behind.
  4. For medical facilities, ask your cleaning team to check the outside and inside mats. Since you have high foot traffic, you’ll want to make sure the mats can actually do their job and aren’t getting clogged with dirt and mud.
  5. Utilizing wet floor signs in areas that have been mopped or where something has spilled.
  6. Keeping aisles clean and not obstructive with carts.
  7. Providing lighting that is adequate for the space you’re in.
  8. Repairing floors that have been damaged. 


At Lawton Brothers, we want to make sure you keep your customers coming back. As a business with multiple locations, we understand that it can be difficult to always be on top of external and internal cleanliness, as well as to understand what cleaning products or machinery you might need. That is why our team is dedicated to sitting down with you to discuss your facility’s needs and finding the right solution for you. 

At Lawton Brothers, we have many products that are Eco-Verified, EPA registered and more. You can give us a call today at 800.432.0813 to discuss these products or take a look at our online catalog, which includes: 

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