Importance of Training

by Lawton Brothers | Feb 09, 2017

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As they say, practice makes perfect. Using and implementing the most effective and reliable techniques for cleaning and sanitizing are the best ways to guarantee that your janitorial staff is working up to their full potential. It is crucial that every janitorial staff is trained on those effective and reliable techniques as early as possible so that the correct methods become habit, and then practice really does make perfect.

The training that a staff undergoes needs to be tailored to fit their personalities and also the facility in which they work. It is important that training programs are ones that need to be participated in rather than just listened to. Each trainee may be at a different level in their training and needs to decide on their own how to engage in the training and learn through actually doing rather than just watching. There are several very crucial points that need to be addressed when it comes to the training system to make it useful and effective.


Before any training actually occurs, preparing for the training session is absolutely necessary for success. David Frank of AICS recommends 10 hours of preparation for each one hour of training. This seems like a lot, but if this is your first time conducting a new session or topic, it is needed and extremely important. Having your material down cold allows you to discover what is most effective and what needs tweaks as you proceed through sessions and conduct sessions over and over. Develop your format, theme, points, exercises, etc. as early as possible so that you have the confidence to train the participants to the best of your ability.


It has also been found that the most important element of training adults in the janitorial field is respect. In order for training to go smoothly and to be highly useful in the future of the facility, there must be a mutual respect between the people going through the training and the people conducting the training sessions. In order for both parties to be successful, those who are running the training sessions must be able to create an environment that the trainees will feel comfortable and safe enough to fail without embarrassment. The purpose of training is not to have every trainee complete every task perfectly the first time. The purpose is to allow them to learn through the process, and if they do make mistakes, to learn from them and not feel as though they are being criticized. When people learn in positive environments and complete tasks without fear of ridicule, they will be able to continue to do so with a positive attitude and outlook.

Keep It Simple

The most effective training is never the most complicated or detailed. It is the systems that allow the trainees to understand all methods and techniques in the most simple way possible. Intimidating trainees with an excessive amount of steps or details in any processes they are being trained on only creates confusion and frustration that results in the opposite of the desired outcome. Keeping training sessions simple does not mean that the processes need to be dumbed down or made less successful. It just means that all techniques and methods need to be communicated and practiced during training in a way that all participants understand and by the end, are able to complete independently with confidence. The goal is to train participants to know exactly what is expected of them, for them to know what that is, and for them to be able to complete those tasks with conviction.

Lawton Brothers is committed to improving janitorial services and offers on-site, in-service training and education programs to do so. Most of the training we conduct is in your facility and conducted to meet your specific facility and staff needs. We incorporate an adult learning model where we model the skill, the individual performs the skill, and then we observe while they teach the skill. This model is used in almost all of our programs and results in higher competencies. The skills we focus on within the education programs include:

-Green Cleaning for Health

-OSHA Right to Know/GHS HazCom

-Blood-borne Pathogens

-Carpet Care

-Restroom Care

-Resilient & Hard Floor Care

-Natural Stone Care

-Wood & Gym Floor Care

-Disinfecting & Sanitizing

-Equipment Use & Care

-Supervisor Development Courses


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