Implementing New Green Cleaning Programs

by Lawton Brothers | Feb 02, 2017

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As time goes on and more environmental knowledge becomes readily available, the importance of green cleaning techniques rises. Green cleaning programs are extremely important to us at Lawton Brothers. We provide green cleaning supplies and training to janitorial teams all over Central Florida. We take green cleaning so seriously in fact, we worked hard to meet the criteria for Green Seal certification.

Green Seal is an independent non-profit third party with the goal of helping other companies offer environmentally responsible products or services. Green Seal utilizes science-based programs to enable companies, purchasers, and consumers to build a more sustainable Earth. By reaching Green Seal standards, Lawton Brother is able to improve the environment by reducing toxins and waste in order to conserve natural resources. The result is the increase in overall health of customers.

As your resource for green cleaning solutions, Lawton Brothers is dedicated to improving your facility’s cleaning standards in order to promote better health, well-being, and planet sustainability. Green cleaning involves both techniques and equipment that support a healthy environment, and Lawton Brothers is proud to be the Central Florida resource for both. Continue reading for more information on what equipment and products Lawton Brothers can supply you with to help your facility “think green” and be ecologically responsible.


Vacuums- If you’re looking for green vacuums, look for machines certified by the Carpet and Rug’s Institute (CRI) Green Label program. CRI certified vacuums will remove a certain amount of soil from carpets within four passes, will not release over 100 micrograms of dust per cubic meter of air, and will not deteriorate the carpet’s appearance with frequent use. By using HEPA vacuum filters you can remove 99.9% of airborne particles. Backpack vacuums are also becoming popular green cleaning equipment.

Carpet Extractors- Carpet extractors certified by the CRI’s Seal of Approval program have proven their effectiveness in soil removal, water removal, and carpet texture retention. While removing debris from within the carpet is important, extractors should also allow the carpet to dry quickly to prevent mold. Select an extractor that utilizes low-moisture or dry powder instead of water. According to the CRI, the right extractor will allow the carpet to dry completely within 24 to 48 hours of cleaning.

Automatic Scrubbers- Newer automatic scrubber machines are much more efficient and use less water and chemicals. Some machines can reduce chemical use, while some only require water to get the job done. For both performance and safety purposes, choose scrubbers with cylindrical brushes. Special rectangular scrubbing heads are a great solution for cleaning along baseboards and wall surfaces. The right automatic scrubber will have flexible scrubbers designed for single pass floor finish removal as well as daily scrubbing requirements. Don’t forget to look for a scrubber complete with a rear squeegee as it will recover more water and eliminate any traces left behind.

Microfiber Materials- If you haven’t switched your facility’s mops and dust cloths to microfiber material yet, then we think you need to as soon as possible. The benefits of microfiber materials are countless. They are a greener and cleaner alternative to traditional cotton and have been proven to limit cleaning chemical and water use by up to 90% over traditional materials. Microfiber materials reduce cleaning times and require less wringing out and washing. Microfiber materials do not leave behind lint and are also more effective than cotton and paper at picking up dust and dirt.


Soaps- This is a product that (hopefully) touches almost everyone’s hands who enters any facility after they use the restroom. It is probably the most important considering everything a person touches with their hands, including other people’s hands. Incorporating a green soap can have a very positive benefit for the health of users as well as the skin on their hands themselves. Green soaps tend to be gentler on hands than traditional soaps. Green soaps can actually last longer and reduce the amount of product used, resulting in a reduction in spending for an organization. It also reduces the amount of bioaccumulative materials such as triclosan, which is an outcome of antibacterial components found in traditional soaps.

Sanitizer- This is a chemical that reduces microorganisms by 99.9 percent within 30 seconds. Since sanitizer is such a powerful cleaning force, choosing a green option seems like a choice that would result in a weaker clean. Luckily, that is not the case and green sanitizers exist with just as much cleaning power. Sanitizers that are considered green are typically water-based and involve less intrusive raw materials, a reduction of environmental hazards and an increase of product recyclability. Avoid purchasing any alcohol-based sanitizers, as there is nothing particularly “green” or healthy about those products.
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