How Your Staff Can Help You Save Water

by Lawton Brothers | Aug 01, 2018

save water
Water is a precious commodity, and without it, all life on this planet would cease to exist. Not only does water efficiency within your company save you money but it also helps the environment as well.

Educate Your Employees

Educating employees on water conservation helps them to understand how important it is to save water for the health of the earth as well as for the company. Many people may not realize how essential it is to conserve water until fully educated on the subject. To help employees begin to implement this knowledge, start by initiating team discussions on water use efficiency and ask for regular progress reports. Once employees see their company has wholly adopted the policy of water conservation, they will begin to comply with the new system.

Be Sure to Explain

Clearly explain all points of the new water saving policies, and make sure the rules are easily accessible for every employee. It does no good to implement a new water conservation policy if not everyone is aware of the regulations. State the company’s intention of saving water in employee handbooks and be sure to inform each new employee of the policy.

Discuss Topic Frequently with Your Employees

Make it a point to frequently mention the new water saving policy in meetings, emails, and newsletters. You can also issue a questionnaire to inquire how employees feel about the new water saving policy and ask them to submit their ideas to help the company conserve water. Be sure and provide plenty of recognition for those that do contribute unique and useful ideas.

Put Up Signs for Visual Reminders

Post signs in company restrooms to remind employees to turn off the water while lathering up hands with soap. If water is used to wash hands in places other than restrooms, make sure signs are posted there as well.

Stop All Leaks!

Stress the importance of reporting and repairing water leaks with employees. Wasted water means company profits lost, literally down the drain. Implement checklists for employees to ensure all water sources are regularly inspected for leaks to cut down on water loss.

Cutting Corners Isn’t Always Wise

In order for a business to save water and money, maintenance must become a priority. Neglecting to repair leaks costs more money in the long run than fixing them right away. For example, George’s high traffic restaurant has several leaks that he doesn’t fix because he doesn’t want to spend the money on maintenance. However, those leaks that are wasting water every second of the day are costing him quite a lot of money, and he doesn’t realize it. Water is money - every drop of it. If water is wasted, this eats into the overall profits of the company.

Install Water Efficient Equipment and Fixtures

Your company can achieve water efficiency in many ways.

  • Install water-conserving faucets, toilets, and urinals in all company restrooms.

  • In hospital kitchens and restaurants install water-saving dishwashers. Instead of pre-rinsing cooking pots and dishes, remove food residue by scraping instead.

  • Where showers are used, such as in a gym, use low-flow, water-reducing showerheads.

  • Using drought-resistant plants in company landscaping to reduce water usage.

  • If your company uses water in the cooling system, set the thermostat up a few degrees and inform employees of this fact.

Improve Your Company’s Reputation

Demonstrating to employees and the rest of the world that your company cares about water conservation and helping the environment can help improve your reputation and standing in the community. Companies that strive to keep their community a nice place to live attract favorable attention from the general public and this publicity is very good for business.

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