How Your Business Could Be in Your Toilet

by Lawton Brothers | Aug 25, 2020

Your restroom is an integral part of your business for more reasons than you might think. In a 2019 poll conducted by Bradley Corp., 80% of American adults regularly use public restrooms. Some adults, about 27% of them, use these restrooms to check their appearance, blow their nose, or even avoid an uncomfortable interaction. Regardless of the reason for entering the bathroom, however, 64% of consumers said they “make a conscious decision to choose a business based on the fact that it has clean, well-maintained restrooms.” Not only that, but 55% are also unlikely to even return to a business following a bad restroom experience. That means taking care of your bathroom (or not doing so) can have a catastrophic impact on your business and sales. 

We’ve all been there: in a restroom with wet floors, unflushed toilets, empty paper towel dispensers, and overflowing trashcans. Unsurprisingly, approximately 70% of adults in the United States have had an unpleasant restroom experience. So how do we ensure that our restrooms are producing 30% of satisfied customers? We look at bad bathrooms. 

Bad Bathrooms

In just four years, the number of users who report having a negative public restroom experience increased by 19%. Most concerns cited by users fell into one of two categories: cleanliness and safety. Cleanliness makes a space more welcoming and, in itself, implies safety and wellbeing. However, there is a myriad of factors that can negatively influence your customers’ perception and whether they return. 

In fact, this is so important to consumers that a website exists solely for the purpose of identifying the best (and worst) public restrooms. On, users can upload pictures, descriptions, locations, and even assign a star-rating to a restroom. And while this site is not popular (yet), it highlights the potential for improvement in our spaces. In breaking down Toilet Inspector’s review system, we can see categories that are the most important to success.

  • How does the bathroom smell?
    • Regardless of how often the bathroom is cleaned, the smell of a bathroom can be a large indicator to customers that the establishment is not up to par.
  • Were the toilets clean? Did they work?
    • This seems like a no-brainer to most of us. The bare necessity is working-condition utilities. However, without routine cleanings and check ups throughout the day, the toilets can fall into dire conditions quickly. This includes restocking toilet paper, emptying feminine product trash cans, and keeping sensors/handles clean and responsive.
  • Were floors dry and maintained?
    • Make sure floors remain free of clutter and free of water. Reduce clutter and misplaced items by placing trashcans closely to sinks, toilets, and paper towel dispensers. Additionally, prevent water from building up on the floors by ensuring all hand drying options are in working condition and are near the washing stations. In areas of habitual water buildup, consider buying a mat to increase safety and increasing cleaning regimens.
  • Could you wash your hands?
    • Touchless fixtures, adequate water flow/temp, and full soap dispensers are paramount to a clean bathroom. The last act before a customer leaves the toilet is washing their hands. In the worst-case scenario, customers look to the sink as a saving grace. In the best-case scenario, it finalizes their opinion of you as a ‘good business’ and you have someone who is happy to return.

In reality, going to the bathroom in a public space is its own experience. Teenage girls walk each other to the restroom and gossip; an office worker decides to take a small break in the bathroom during lunch; a mother and her son are potty training. With all the possibilities for your bathroom, you want to ensure that your space is ready for the challenge.

Let Us Help You

Your bathroom can make or break a customer. Whether you need to rent a floor device or are hoping to reinvent your cleaning regimen, give Lawton Brothers a call. With over 67 years of experience in janitorial services, products, and equipment, we’re the experts in our business. Give us a call today at 800.432.0813. Call today for a quote, consultation, or even just a Q&A.

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