How to Reduce the Spread of Covid-19

by Lawton Brothers | Sep 22, 2020


This year, the world was swept with fear and pandemic. Since the beginning of the outbreak in the United States, the CDC has been regularly monitoring the situation and making updates to policies as needed. To assist employers in slowing the spread of Covid-19 lowering the impact in their workplace, the CDC released the Resuming Business Toolkit.

The first step in reopening is preparedness. Consider assessing the facility to identify potential hazards, place signs to remind employees and visitors of precautions, as well as maintaining social distancing guidelines. While the guidelines for social distancing are the same for restaurants and schools alike, the actual implementation looks different for each business. 

It is extremely important to mitigate exposure and transfer of germs. As such, it is a great exercise to run through the actions a customer or visitor would likely take. Make note of any places or objects that are touched and attempt to design a flow through your facility. For example: labeling one door for entrance only and the other for exit only can help cut down on how many germs are passed through each door handle. 

Don’t Forget

When putting practices into place, it is important to remember the Guidelines for Opening up Florida. Following these steps can help reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19. Most of the steps listed above can be easily implemented with little to no cost to employers. For a full prevention checklist specific for your business, visit the Maine Department of Economic & Community Development here. Additionally, the Orange County Government has established grants to help support residents and businesses in Central Florida as part of the federal CARES Act

  • Develop a cleaning and disinfecting plan. Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces at least twice per day, more frequently as needed.
  • Maintain a minimum of 6 feet from others. Avoid allowing large gatherings of people inside or outside of your business and require all visitors to wear face coverings.
  • Use signs, tape marks, visual cues, and physical barriers to maintain appropriate distancing and remind visitors of proper safety precautions.
  • Plan to conduct health checks with either symptom or temperature screenings.
  • Develop a plan for employees who either become sick at work or are confirmed to be sick. This includes enhanced cleaning regimens and coverage for employee absences.
  • Where possible, allow employees to work remotely and limit travel. Additionally, improving building ventilation or opening windows can provide additional protection.


    What’s Florida’s Plan for Re-opening?

    Safety is our First Priority

    We understand how important it is to keep your loved ones and your community safe. That’s why Lawton Brothers is committed to providing an array of services at a distance. Give us a call today and let us help build your cleaning regimen at 800.432.0813. Business Toolkit 

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