How to Prevent Your Restrooms from Smelling Like Restrooms

by Lawton Brothers | Oct 27, 2014
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At Lawton Brothers we know that smell can impact a person’s perception of cleanliness. While restrooms are often a source of odor, they don’t need to be. In order for your staff and customers to perceive your facility as a truly clean and sanitary environment, the bathroom must not only look clean, but smell clean too.

In a recent CleanLink article, Rebecca Kanable explores ways to locate and eliminate unpleasant odors. Odors caused by routine use or “event” odors can be managed by metered air care systems. All natural systems like HYscent eliminate event odors without creating slip and fall problems created by aerosol systems.  Urine is a typical cause of restroom odor, particularly in men’s restrooms. There are several approaches to eliminating these odors. The benefits of urinal screens are two-fold, providing fragrance and preventing splatter. Urinal mats are great in high volume restrooms, they reduce odors, slip & falls and also prevent urine from soaking into the tile grout which become a source of odors and are disposable. Toilets can benefit from drip systems, which continuously clean and deodorize. Waste and feminine hygiene receptacles can also be odor culprits. Adding liners, increasing emptying frequency and disinfectanting these receptacles during cleaning will help to prevent these odors. 

Dry floor drains are also a typical source of odor, which can be easily resolved. You can add water to act as a barrier to the smell or you can also pour some bioactive cleaner down the drain. The use of a EPA registered disinfectant like Hillyard’s Suprox D, for daily cleaning and sanitizing not only eliminates odors, it kills germs and bacteria that spread disease.

As your resource for janitorial supplies and cleaning solutions in central Florida, we want your entire facility to represent the quality of your brand or organization. If you’re interested in upgrading your janitorial staff’s cleaning process, contact Lawton Brothers today. 
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