How to Please the Customer: Janitorial Customer Services Tips for Your Staff

by Lawton Brothers | Apr 04, 2020

While many people believe the staff is invisible to customers, they most likely will run into a few of your cleaning staff throughout the day, especially in the hospitality industry. Employees, no matter their role while the company, are one of the first lines of defense when it comes to it a customer returns or not. 

Our team got together and put a list of three things your janitorial staff can do to help your business maintain customer retention. 


Imagine this: you’re at a hotel, and upon arrival, the individual who is checking you in complains to a cleaning employee that they are short-staffed tonight. You may not think anything of it until you’ve put your belongings away and made your way to the hotel restaurant. You see a few cleaning staff huddled together talking, and you can clearly hear that they aren’t very happy with the hotel management due to the shortage of staff. Does it bother you this time? No? How about if during your dinner, that’s all you heard? You get the picture. 

At Lawton Brothers, we believe that the individuals you believe interact with your guests less are actually the individuals who they see the most. That’s why we believe your cleaning staff should be trained on proper customer service etiquette. 


There is a whole range of customer service tactics that we believe a cleaning staff should be training on, but the top three things we would recommend include: 

What is Customer Service & Why is it Important? 

Customer service is the assistance provided by a company to those who have purchased their services. It’s important because customers are the backbone of any customer. 

According to Dimension Research, 90 percent of individuals who recalled reading a review online, claimed that the positive review influenced their purchase; 86 percent said their purchase decision was influenced by negative reviews. Meaning, have a happy customer now, keep them forever AND gain more customers. 

How Does Customer Service Relate to Cleaning Staff? 

Depending on a cleaning schedule, your cleaning staff may be in each room of your facility every day. This means that they most likely are the first people who see an issue or run into a customer having an issue. That’s why we believe every member of your cleaning staff should: 

●      Keep their eyes and ears open for any issues: Let’s say you’re having a busy week and are having more guests than usual. If your cleaning staff noticed that the public bathroom trashcans are being filled more frequently or debris is being tracked in more often near the entrance, they could be proactive during this time.

●      Provide assistance to guests: While there are hospitality staff, it’s important that your cleaning crew be just as educated on facility organization so that they can help guests if needed. This means your cleaning staff should know locations of public areas, hours of operation of those public areas and more.

●      Act professionally: You never know when a customer will pop up. We believe this is one of the most important aspects of customer service because if a customer hears an employee talking poorly of the company, it could be a turn off to them. 

Are First Impressions Important? 

First impressions are essential. You don’t get a second chance. Key behaviors your cleaning staff should exhibit include: 

●      Dressing Professionally: Having the appropriate uniform, name tag, as well as proper hair care, hygiene and hand care

●      Greet Customers & Be Aware of Presentation: Making sure to give welcomes and goodbyes, making eye contact and being aware that customers can pick up on subtle body language

●      Engage Customers: Showing an interest in what customers are doing during their day, and how they are doing 

While this list isn’t exhaustive, we believe that knowing, understanding and putting these three tings into play will help your cleaning staff promote customer retention. 


At Lawton Brothers, we offer Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) course training, including a course for customer service for those in the cleaning industry. This course teaches the basics of: 

●      How to look and act like a professional

●      Interacting with building occupants

●      Understanding and meeting customer needs

●      Properly addressing customer complaints

If you would like to talk about this course or your facility’s cleaning goals, please reach out today by calling 800.432.0813. 

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