How to Improve Healthcare Quality Scores

by Lawton Brothers | Oct 22, 2019


Do your patients rank cleanliness as one of their top values in healthcare quality? 

Healthcare quality means that a healthcare facility can provide care that a patient needs, at the time they need it, safely and effectively. October 20 to 26 is Healthcare Quality Week. At Lawton Brothers, we believe that it is important to highlight what you could be doing to improve your healthcare quality scores.

According to the Institute of Medicine (IOM), there are six properties of healthcare quality: 

●      Effectiveness: providing science-based care that achieves healthcare outcomes

●      Efficiency: maximizing the quality of the healthcare offered while decreasing the amount of waste

●      Equity: providing equal attention to those who may differ in personal characteristics

●      Patient-centeredness: meeting the patient’s needs within their values

●      Safety: avoiding harm to the patient, including the contraction of healthcare-associated infections

●      Timeliness: providing care while decreasing inpatient stays 

Incorporating all six domains, especially safety, into how your healthcare system tracks "healthcare quality" is essential. It can decrease mortality rates, the spreading of HAIs and increase patient satisfaction and revenue. 

Continue reading to learn more about the cleanliness of a healthcare facility, and why we believe that you should be investing more in your environmental cleaning services. 


According to Compass One Health, there are correlations between a patient’s perception of room cleanliness, the risk of HAIs, the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers (HCAHPS) score and the HCAHPS teamwork indicator. According to Compass One Health's research, 90 percent of those respondents said they would recommend the facility. 

As a result of patients being observant of how clean the facility is, as well as their room, they are more likely to recommend a healthcare facility that they perceive as clean. What can you do to improve your patient satisfaction scores when it comes to healthcare quality? 


Inpatient healthcare services provide the most risk of patients contracting HAIs. We would suggest that inpatient healthcare services have the most to improve upon when it comes to cleanliness and healthcare quality. 

Improve your patient satisfaction when it comes to healthcare quality, by: 

Viewing your healthcare facility from the patient’s perspective. Ask an individual that you trust to walk through your facility and note down what they experience. How did the staff treat them? What were their first thoughts when seeing the exterior and interior of the building? Were the rooms clean? How clean? 

Remembering that what a person sees if what they will be their first impression. Like most things in life, individuals are visual creatures. They judge what they see first and that affects how they move through the full experience. 

Valuing your environmental cleaning services team. Your environmental cleaning services need to be organized, invested in and felt that they are heard to increase the cleanliness of your building. Have a plan to sit down and talk with this team about what could be improved upon and then make actionable items of what needs to be changed. 

Because cleanliness is essential to a patient and their overall satisfaction, your healthcare facility's environmental services team must be top-notch. Unfortunately, even if you have a top-notch team, if you don’t have the correct products, it won’t matter. 

At Lawton Brothers, we have many products and services that could benefit your healthcare facility and its quality score. Fives products/equipment that you could implement into your healthcare environmental cleaning and disinfecting routine right now include: 

  1. Hillyard QT-TB is a ready to use, quaternary based disinfectant designed specifically for institutional cleaning and disinfection in hospitals, nursing homes, veterinary clinics.
  2. Green Klean is an EPA registered chlorinated disinfecting tablet, medical disinfectant, with kill claims for C Diff, Norovirus, HBV & HIV 1, Canine Parvovirus and more.
  3. Advance SC500 REV Scrubber features a low center of gravity and an easily accessible variable speed and pressure-sensitive control paddle.
  4. Proteam ProDust Disposable Dust Sleeves is safe for any surface, contains no oils or waxes, and won't streak or leave any residue.
  5. Hillyard Suprox-D Disinfectant is an EPA registered, neutral pH in dilution, hospital disinfectant with the cleaning power of peroxide. It contains twice the amount of peroxide than most brands.

And, if your staff needs training on equipment, we can help with that too! 


Understanding healthcare quality depends on the cleanliness of your healthcare facility is the first step in improving your healthcare quality scores. That is where your environmental cleaning services and Lawton Brothers come in. Our team can work with your cleaning team to understand which cleaning products are needed based on your facility and its needs. We also have cleaning machinery that we can provide education on to your cleaning team. 

Take the initiative during Healthcare Quality Week to ask your patients what they value most in a healthcare facility. If cleanliness is one of the top things they look for, talk to one of our representatives about how we can help your healthcare facility by giving us a call at 800-432-0813. 

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