How to Fix a Soap Dispenser

by Lawton Brothers | Jun 21, 2022

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How to Fix a Soap Dispenser

There can be a multitude of reasons that a soap dispenser is not working properly. This list is designed to help you solve these problems for a fully functioning washroom. 

When Pumped, Nothing Comes Out

First, check to make sure the tube is securely connected to the pump and that the soap is properly installed (some soaps have to be released/opened prior to use and installation). Ensure that the proper viscosity of soap is used, as an overly thick soap may strain the machine. 

Flush your pump with warm water; then test the functionality by placing the tube inside a glass of warm water and seeing if contents flow through the pump. Be sure not to soak or submerge the pump mechanism in the water. If necessary, use a toothpick to clear soap buildup out of the exit points of the dispenser. 

The Pump is Dripping

Depending on the type, this is usually caused by an overly thick, concentrated, or glycerin-based soap. Thicker soaps tend to sit at the top of the pump rather than flowing back down and can force itself out the dispenser. Use the clogged pump method for flushing the tube and then dilute your soap with a small amount of water to the basin to assist in the breakdown of the soap. 

The Soap is Shooting/Spraying

Soap will typically shoot out of the dispenser due to a cork effect caused by some amount of dried soap inside the pump. To solve this, clean your pump and nozzle with warm water and consider diluting your soap (depending on the thickness). 

Soap is Building Up

Soap piling occurs when the soap dries inside the pump and can pile over along the outer parts of the pump. This is common with concentrated soaps (like dish soap) and can cause significant damage to the spring action by clogging the inside. Keep your dispenser free of concentrated soaps. Periodically flush and wipe the pump (typically with each refill) as well as the neck and stem of your dispenser. 

Trigger Remains Depressed

If the trigger for the pump does not return, it is likely that the spring is jammed. Oftentimes, the pump can be unscrewed to reach the spring and remove any buildup. However, if you cannot reach the spring or clear the tube using warm water, you will likely need to replace the pump. Be sure to never soak or submerge the pump portion of your dispenser. 

Still Troubleshooting?

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