How Restroom Specialists Can Improve Your Janitorial Staff’s Overall Efficiency

by Lawton Brothers | Dec 15, 2014
Janitorial equipment and supplies

As your resource for janitor supplies in Central Florida, we take a special interest in how your janitorial staff can improve your company’s bottom line. Often, CleanLink shares helpful insights regarding increasing efficiency and in turn your profitability. 

The most recent insight offered by cleaning consultant Mickey Crowe suggests that Team Cleaning Specialists can take on more than one “role” or cleaning tasks and improve overall efficiency. The article discusses how assigning certain janitors to specific roles and tasks can result in higher productivity than zone cleaners assigned all tasks in a area. 

Crowe discusses how to assigning role, task and work appropriately in order to promote the most efficiency possible. For example:

• Assign one person the role of Vacuum Specialist to use a backpack vacuum for carpet, rugs, and hard floors in addition to edging, vents and other work on a predetermined schedule. This Specialist may have ample time to perform some of the tasks usually performed by the Utility Specialist.
• The Team Cleaning Specialist with the backpack vacuum follows the Light Duty Specialist who pulls the trash and performs other daily cleaning tasks. They can also completely service the building while having ample time to maintain the break room and the areas designated for janitor supplies. 
• The third person in Team Cleaning is the Restroom Specialist and they service all the restrooms with a double bucket and collapsible or butterfly microfiber flat mop system. The person in this role is usually the most detailed person on the team so additional task that require a detailed person would best be assigned to this specialist.
• Finally, the forth role in Team Cleaning is the Utility Specialist. This specific worker will clean stairwells, entrances, door glass, and hard floors that require buffing. Remove the trash pulled by the Light Duty Specialist from the building and inspect for quality.

The key to gaining efficiency is to assign a single role to a specialist with a clear cleaning schedule. Once that role is complete that same person can take on a second role. I a small facility like a bank or doctors office one cleaner can perform all four roles, however it is important to perform only one role at a time.

At Lawton Brothers we not only work with your facility’s janitorial staff to improve the health and cleanliness of your facility, but we also enjoy helping you improve your bottom line. Contact your resource for janitorial equipment and supplies today with any questions about how our team can help your team. 
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