How Equipment Training Can Make the Difference

by Lawton Brothers | May 15, 2017

Improper use of cleaning equipment while performing your duties on the job can lead to numerous problems and injuries. While most companies prefer to hire employees that already have a certain skill set, training, or experience, many companies fail to properly train their staff on equipment use. the result is that workers may float around from job to job or employer to employer making the same mistakes over and again.

Proper Equipment Training Helps You Perfect Your Skills

In every industry, true professionals always find a way to improve any task no matter what it is they're doing. Over time procedures are often perfected through trial and error or careful analysis. A wise worker, however, will always seek advice from those in the industry who have skill, training, and years of experience. For instance, Lawton Brothers, Inc. provides insight and seasoned advice on various areas of equipment training and proper methods. By taking classes and furthering your education through our company you can learn more about the following:

  • Proper Equipment Use

  • Ergonomic methods for using tools and equipment

  • The right tool for the right job

  • OSHA guidelines and regulations for using cleaning equipment

  • How to train others to use cleaning equipment properly

Asking the Right Question Gets You the Right Answers

When seeking training or advice, ask very specific questions. Instead of asking a generic question like, "How do I do this better?" Here are a few examples of questions that will get you answers that are on point:

  • What is the best cleaning solution for that stain that I can't seem to get off?

  • Should I go left to right or front to back when mopping? What is the right mopping pattern?

  • Why is this backpack vacuum hurting my shoulders and pelvic area?

  • How much water should I use when mopping a laminate floor versus a tile floor?

  • Is there a more efficient way to clean these counters without sacrificing quality?

  • Why do I feel completely exhausted after working just two hours?

  • Am I using the right equipment for this particular job?

  • I have a feeling that the method I'm using for cleaning these toilets is not very sanitary. Can you please confirm?

By asking the right questions, you will improve your skills, get better results with every task, and you will gain the respect and trust of your peers, your boss, and your company executives.

Equipment Training Helps Your Company Save Money

Manufacturers design cleaning equipment to be used a certain way. When utilized properly, cleaning staff can expect their equipment to reach its life expectancy. Improper use, however, will lead to worn out parts. Damaged equipment leads to costly repairs and replacement. By using the equipment as it was intended you save the company money and become a valuable asset to the workforce.

Equipment Training Keeps You in Good Physical Shape

In the cleaning industry, most injuries occur due to lack of training on how to use the equipment ergonomically. Here are some prime examples:

  • Bending over to pick up heavy equipment without using the knees

  • Holding brooms and mops too far away. This can lead to back problems

  • Using cleaning agents without masks, proper eyewear, or gloves

  • Improper use of straps and belts when operating backpack vacuums

  • Using too much mop water that leads to slips and falls

  • Repetitive motions such moving your arms or body back and forth or left to right.

Equipment Training Helps You Perform Your Job More Efficiently

There's nothing that compares with using the right tool for the right job and using it correctly. Using your equipment in the right way can help you perform your job more effectively and more efficiently. You will be perceived as an expert in your field simply by applying the right techniques that you learned in training.

You will discover that you are completing tasks faster and with more precision. When everyone else around you is struggling to get their job done, you'll be on to the next one. As with all other areas in your field, you'll become a valuable asset to your company, and other opportunities will be opened up for you to advance your career. In the cleaning industry working smarter is a wiser strategy than working harder.

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