Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service

by Lawton Brothers | Dec 21, 2020


As a business owner, keeping a clean environment has a huge impact on your employees and customers alike. Oftentimes, employees are required to help keep shared spaces clean. While this may seem like an easy out, employees may find themselves at the mercy of other coworkers and conditions that they can’t control. That’s when it’s time to consider a commercial cleaning service.

Hiring a commercial cleaning service can alleviate the burden of maintaining a clean office space, not just for your employees, but for you as well.

Benefits of a Commercial Cleaning Service

By using a professional service, you can ensure greater productivity and satisfaction among employees. Not only will they appreciate the ability to focus solely on their duties and workspace, but the worry-free atmosphere will greatly increase office morale, not to mention employee health.

When it comes to cleaning, don’t cut corners. Professionals understand which products to use, when and how to clean, as well as the proper long-term maintenance. This, in addition to the reliability of a cleaning service, is easily worth the investment.

Choosing the Best Service

Typically, most cleaning companies will offer a general list of services including emptying trash, cleaning bathrooms, disinfecting and dusting surfaces, vacuuming carpets, restocking supplies, and deodorizing the space. When looking for a professional service, be sure to look at online reviews and use your network to find the best option.

Traversing the list of commercial cleaning companies can be a bit overwhelming. As you explore, consider your office size, your location, and the services you will need. Try to determine which features are most important and the approximate timeframe they will need to visit. When you’ve found your perfect cleaning company, be sure to start with a temporary contract to test the waters before jumping into a year-long contract.

When discussing options with various companies, we suggest ironing out these key details:

  • 1. Cleaning supplies: Who is to provide the supplies? Are there any specific requirements for the products? How often will these be replaced? Will the crew bring supplies and tools with them, or will they need to be provided on site?
  • 2. Cleaning schedule: How often will the crew come to the office? Are there specific days or holidays that they won’t be available?
  • 3. Office access: Will someone let the crew into the building, or will they need a key/code to enter?
  • 4. Before/After cleaning: Are there any items that need to be done prior to the arrival of the crew, such as emptying the fridge? Are there any items that the crew should do before leaving?

Try to be as detailed as possible to avoid any confusion or mishaps. 

Your Commercial Cleaning Needs

It can be confusing to navigate the commercial cleaning world. Let Lawton Brothers help make it a bit easier. As experts serving the Central Florida area since 1946, we have an extensive network of services and providers to ensure your business is in tip-top shape. Give us a call today to see how we can help at: 800.432.0813.

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