Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

by Lawton Brothers | Jul 27, 2021

Sometimes, it’s easier to leave the cleaning to the professionals. But when it comes time to find a professional for the job, it can be a bit overwhelming. Knowing the right questions to ask beforehand can save a lot of time and headaches down the road. Listed below are some key questions to ask before hiring a commercial cleaning company.

How long have you been in business? Do you have references?

Companies that have been around longer have already thought out and formulated their processes so you know what you are getting and will be less likely to run into problems. References are always a good way of getting a feel for a company, so be wary of any that refuse to give references.

What services do you specialize in?

Ideally, you want a cleaning company that has worked with businesses similar to yours. Based on the environment, your business may require certain standards of cleaning that not all commercial cleaning companies can provide.

What is your hiring process? Are employees screened?

While it may feel inappropriate to ask such a private question, it may be the most important. Their hiring process is a matter of safety for your guests and staff as well as security for your facility. Anyone with access to your facility should undergo a background check. Always ask additional questions that you feel are necessary: do you check references? Do employees have to pass a drug screening? Etc.

Are you insured?

Make sure that the cleaning company has general liability insurance, at the least. If an accident occurs while a cleaner is working in your office, they need to be covered by the cleaning company or it could cost you dearly.

What are your rates?

Fully evaluate the contract or offer of service before sticking with one company. If one company’s rates are significantly cheaper, it’s important to find out why. In addition, find out how they take payment and what the billing cycle is and ensure this aligns with your needs.

Do you bring your own supplies? What supplies are used?

It’s vital to know if they bring along their own supplies or if you have to purchase them in addition to the cost of the cleaning service. Is there an additional cost for supplies? Or do you have to purchase them on your own? Do they use eco-friendly chemicals and green products? Does it cost extra for green products? Make sure you know what is being used around your staff and guests.

Do you provide a contract?

Some companies want the dependability of a contract, while others prefer to be flexible with their needs. If you intend on signing a contract, get all your questions answered to your satisfaction before making an agreement or commitment.

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Keeping your business running smoothly depends on having a clean facility. When it comes time to look for a commercial cleaning service, you want a company that can answer your questions confidently. Have questions? Give us a call today to talk to one of our professionally certified experts at: 800.432.0813.

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