Hillyard and Geneva College: Partners in Gym Floor History

by Lawton Brothers | May 11, 2015
Basketball game, basketball court

Both historical organizations in their own right, Hillyard and Geneva College came together on the basketball court to make history. Our previous article discussed how Hillyard’s gym floor surface innovation would forever influence the game of basketball, and we’d like to address another game changer with you here. Geneva College, located in Pennsylvania and crowned the birthplace of college basketball held their first college basketball game back in February of 1892. 

By 1897 Geneva College, was participating in a full season, and up until winter break of last year, the Golden Tornadoes played on the same wood floor as the original team. You might ask yourself, “What exactly does this have to do with janitorial supplies?” Geneva College had no plans to replace the floor of the birthplace of college basketball; that is until a frozen pipe burst during winter break flooding the gym and destroying the historic wood floors. Though unfortunate, the accident provided a unique opportunity for, as CleanLink referred to them, “birthplace of college basketball” to partner with the “founding fathers of gym floor finishes” when Geneva College turned to Hillyard to decide which floor care chemicals to use to care for the new floor. 

So when you’re watching the big game, take a moment to notice the nice-looking finish on the court, because it didn’t get there by accident. Interested in learning how the professionals care for a gym floor finish? Check back to the Lawton Brothers blog next week for tips on making your gym floor finish as shiny and as safe as the pros!  
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