Help Your Janitorial Staff Fight the Flu Fight and Win

by Lawton Brothers | Jan 05, 2015

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As we once again find ourselves in the midst of flu season, we hope that your facility is managing to keep the germs at bay. As your janitorial supplies company, we would like to take a moment to share several pieces of information essential to keeping your staff and customers from falling ill this winter. 

Flu season can provide a challenge for your janitorial staff, as the need to disinfect properly and thoroughly increases. According to an ISSA article by Clorox Professional Products, over 111 million workdays are typically lost during flu season, resulting in a loss of $7 billion dollars for businesses. While the following tips may seem obvious, it’s important for your janitorial crew to understand how important their task is, especially during flu season. 

• Clean and disinfect regularly. Flu viruses can be killed easily with the proper disinfectant, but disinfection must occur regularly. Consider increasing disinfecting routines during the peak of flu season. 
• Focus on high-touch surfaces like keyboards, faucet handles, door handles, phones, and desks. 
• Select the proper disinfectant:
-Wipes like Hillyard's Disinfectant wipes, Clorox and Lysol wipes are handy for cleaning and sanitizing small surfaces. 
-Disinfectant sprays like Pro-Link RA008 are great for spraying surfaces like phones, keyboards, copiers, and other multi-user surfaces and allowing them to air-dry.
-Disinfectant Cleaners like Pro-Link OneStep and Hillyard Foaming Germicidal 
-Cleaners used in conjunction with a microfiber cleaning cloth are perfect for any skin contact surface.
• Use the cleaning products as directed. Each disinfectant is most effective when used as the packaging instructs. 
• Educate your janitorial staff. Explain to your crew how important their job is to the health of your facility and don’t be afraid to reinforce rules, regulations, and practices. 

At Lawton Brothers we’re proud to serve as your janitorial supplies company. Contact us today to find out how our janitorial supplies and cleaning equipment can help your janitorial staff fight the flu fight and win. 

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