Healthcare Facility Janitors Face Task of Disinfecting Against Ebola

by Lawton Brothers | Nov 12, 2014
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As your Central Florida resource for janitor supplies, at Lawton Brothers we often work with healthcare facilities to improve their cleanliness and disinfectant process. With the recent Ebola virus outbreak in the United States, we’d like to take a moment to discuss the CDC’s recommendations for disinfecting against the virus.

Because healthcare workers caring for infected patients have the highest risk of contracting the virus, hospital janitorial staffs have the difficult task of disinfection at hand. While no disinfectant currently exists specifically designed for the Ebola virus disinfection, the CDC recommends a hospital-grade disinfectant, with an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) label claim against assorted non-enveloped viruses. The following hospital-grade disinfectants should be used to kill the Ebola virus according to their label: 

• Hillyard Arsenal Q.T. Plus
• Hillyard QT-TB
• Hillyard Vet and Kennel Disinfectant
• Hillyard Germicidal Disinfectant Wipes
• Hillyard Re-Juv-Nal HBV
• Pro-Link  OneStep Disinfecting Cleaner
• Pro-Link Preference Q Disinfectant

As your janitorial supplies company in Central Florida, we hope that the information we’ve shared will help keep your staff and customers healthy and safe from the Ebola virus. Please contact the team at Lawton Brothers to obtain the proper disinfectants for your facility. 
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