Has Your Facility Discovered the Benefits of Microfiber?

by Lawton Brothers | Oct 20, 2014

janitorial supplies equipment
As your resource for janitorial supplies equipment in Central Florida, at Lawton Brothers we have a true appreciation for the ever-evolving janitorial industry. As technology continues to improve cleaning process efficiency we must continue to learn and adapt to these better practices. In the last several years, microfiber has emerged and shown up its predecessors, including the traditional string mop. 

Corinne Zudonyi’s CleanLink article addresses the implementation and benefits of microfiber within the janitorial industry. While change is often difficult for facility management to implement, the advantages of microfiber are undeniable. The janitorial staff members at Michigan State were pleased to learn that they would be working with microfiber as it performs better than previously used materials. It is suggested that microfiber is capable of removing 99% of bacteria from non-porous surfaces without any chemical assistance when the microfiber has been treated with antimicrobial agents. The microfiber material captures the bacteria until washed. Michigan State janitorial manager, Brandon Baswell even devised a color-coding system to decrease cross contamination. Each different area type within a facility is designated a specific color microfiber cloth or mop. 

The benefits that microfiber technology is capable of having on your facility’s cleaning process are abundant. As your resource for janitorial supplies equipment we look forward to sharing more information about implementing microfiber in your facility in our future posts. 
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