Hurricane Season "Don'ts"

by Lawton Brothers | Sep 03, 2019

In preparation of Hurricane Dorian, many people have readied their homes and businesses for potential impact from the storm. There are many precautions you can take to avoid damage to your home or business. Equally important there are several things you should NOT do before, during, or after a hurricane...

Hurricane DON'TS

Don't overlook flood concerns. The coast is not the only area that flooding occurs during a storm. Know if your home or business is in an area prone to flooding and take necessary precautions like sandbagging the yard or property.

Don't underestimate the storm. If you are in a watch or warning area, it is something to take seriously.

Don't go near windows. Unpredictable wind can hurl objects in many directions potentially breaking glass. 

Don't go near wandering or stray animals after a storm. Animals can become unnerved during and after a storm and otherwise friendly pets may bite. It is also a bad idea to let your pets wander after a storm. They may encounter displaced animals or get lost without familiar landmarks in sight.

Don't empty your swimming pool. The water table can rise during a hurricane and you run the risk of the pool lifting up out of the ground.

Don't drive through moving water. If there is even 6" of water, your car could begin to float.

Don't tape your windows. Contrary to popular belief, tape does not stabilize or secure glass. Board up your windows instead.

Don't cook inside using a charcoal or gas grill. 

Don't forget to back up your CPAP machine using a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). This will ensure your CPAP machine will run through the night if the power goes out.

Don't touch metal fences after a storm. Powerlines could be down and metal will conduct electricity.

Don't get tricked into thinking the storm is over. The eye could be passing overhead and winds could pick up momentarily.

Don't stay once an evacuation order has been issued. If you decide to stay, emergency worker will not be able to reach you until after the storm is over.

Don't forget that carbon monoxide is a silent killer. If you have experienced an electrical outage from a storm or have used alternative fuels or generators, don't be caught off-guard by this poisonous gas. It can't be detected by smell or sight, so it can kill you before you even notice it. Make sure you are aware of the proper precautions for alternative fuels if the electricity is out. It’s more than just keeping them outdoors.

Don't be afraid to ask for help. If you are not prepared or could use a hand, don't be afraid to ask someone to help you.

DO make sure to be a good neighbor. Check on your elderly neighbors and assist people when possible. Be safe and stay dry!





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