Extending the Lifespan of Your Carpet

by Lawton Brothers | Sep 13, 2022

Especially in commercial spaces, proper maintenance has a huge impact on the lifespan and efficiency of your equipment. Everything, from your HVAC systems to your plumbing and floors needs to be inspected and cleaned regularly to ensure the greatest return on investment. When it comes to carpets, the life expectancy can range based on type, use, and care – especially in the first few years. Proper carpet care can result in extending the life of the carpet by at least a decade, if not more. 

Selecting the Right Carpet

Firstly, selecting a carpet that works best for your needs will drastically decrease your daily maintenance needs. For example, carpets near doors and other high-traffic walkways should be particularly durable with mats to help capture soils and liquids. The placement, durability, construction, and sustainability are all factors that should be considered before installing your carpet. 

Consider the area and determine if you need any special types of carpeting – think stain blocking or low pile for chairs to glide over more smoothly. The location of the carpet and the use of the room will determine the level of durability needed. The material your carpet is made of will also have a large impact on the lifespan and cleaning process. Select a material that offers easy maintenance and can be cleaned with an easy-to-find solution. 

Regular Care

The most important way to extend the life of your carpet is by caring for it on a regular basis. In order to get the estimated 10-30 years of use, make sure your care program includes daily cleaning as well as preventative, interim, and restorative maintenance. 

Vacuum Every Day. Nearly 85% of soil is tracked into facilities via guests’ and employees’ shoes. When soil (and other debris like salt, sand, and more) is left on the carpet, it sinks down into the fibers and accumulates, making it more difficult to remove. Removing this debris means vacuuming daily with a high-quality vacuum. 

Install Matting. To help prevent some of the debris from ending up in the carpet, place mats at entrances and exits, and in high-traffic areas. Quality mats will trap soils and water and reduce the likelihood of stains. 

Conduct Deep Cleans. Each year, sometimes twice a year, carpets should be deep cleaned to remove any settled soils or stains. The best way to do this is with a hot water extraction – this can be done with a rented machine or done by a professional. In either case, ensure to get as much of the water out of the carpet as possible. Immediately after the extraction, keep the space clear and place fans to assist with the drying process. Do not use the carpet or place items on it unless it is 100% dry. Any water left on the carpet can lead to mildew and mold. This means that unless it is a deep clean or hot water extraction, cleaning with moisture or water is not recommended. Use low-moisture cleaning methods for daily and interim cleaning.

Maintain Machinery. Just like with any other machinery, carpet cleaners need regular maintenance to function properly. If you have your own machine, make sure to rinse off brushes and inspect them after each use, as well as examine spray nozzles to ensure there are no clogs preventing correct chemical distribution. If renting equipment, use a reputable provider and ask about the maintenance of their machines.

Carpet Cleaning Made Easy!

As always, Lawton Brothers is here to offer a variety of products, services, and advice for your floor care needs. Ensuring your carpet has a long life will not only mean happy guests, but a happy wallet as well. Give us a call today and let us talk you through some options for caring for your carpet: 800.432.0813.

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