Encourage Staff Hand Hygiene for a Healthier Facility

by Lawton Brothers | Aug 04, 2014
Lawton Bros Hand Hygiene
As your resource for cleaning solutions in Central Florida, at Lawton Brothers we understand the effect that improper staff hygiene can have on the entire facility’s cleanliness. Ronnie Garrett’s recent CleanLink article discusses methods to increase levels of staff hand washing compliance. 

There are several approaches that facility management may take in order to encourage staff hand washing. There are monitoring systems available, which can distribute reports electronically. These systems can use badges or bracelets to track each individual employee’s daily hand washing routines. However, studies warn against singling staff members out, and recommend discussing hand washing data in a group setting. Reviewing the data and discussing it during a short staff meeting has proven to be an effective way of encouraging positive hand washing habits.

At Lawton Brothers we want your staff and customers to be the healthiest they can be, and it all starts with a cleaner facility. Contact us today to inquire about how we can help improve the health of the people within your facility.   
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