Easy Ways to Improve Your Cleaning Routine

by Lawton Brothers | Aug 18, 2020

In a 2018 survey conducted by Duck Brand, Americans ranked cleaning the toilet as their most disliked household chore – it even beat doing the dishes and cleaning the baseboards. You may not find it surprising that many people don’t enjoy cleaning activities. By and large, it is considered a requirement and though cleaning is typically dreaded, it doesn’t have to be difficult! Here are some tips to improve your business’ daily cleaning routine. 

Since each location and role is different, establishing a routine for yourself and your employees is essential to minimizing the time spent on cleaning. By establishing a routine, you help employees avoid backtracking and moving erratically, which could cause wasted time and missed or forgotten tasks. Before training new cleaning technicians, have an outlined route for them to take and be sure to include the order of tasks, where necessary (for example, clean the toilet and sink before you mop the bathroom floor). 

If possible, carry your supplies with you or have them available nearby. You can use a portable caddy, cart, or apron to increase your carrying capacity and decrease the need to go back and forth across the facility. It is also helpful to select a product that has multiple uses. 

In many cases, employees perform a variety of duties, including routine cleaning tasks. As the last people to close the building, they may have to clean bathrooms and floors, wipe down countertops, etc. in addition to other closing tasks. In these situations, you can reduce the time spent cleaning at the end of the day by requiring cleaning in the middle of the day. If part of the business closes earlier than the rest, consider if it would be beneficial to have employees focus on different tasks at the same time. 

Provide staff with the highest performing cleaning products and tools. This will enable them to do the best job possible, in the shortest amount of time. Take extra time to research and seek referrals to ensure you find a quality product. Your employees and your facility will thank you for it. 

Clean more often to clean less. It might sound counterintuitive, but the more often you complete a cleaning task, the less time it will take for it to be adequately cleaned. Surfaces cleaned weekly, rather than daily, have the opportunity to accumulate more particles and bacteria and will require more time and effort to effectively clean. 

Ensuring employees know the proper cleaning methods will also save time and effort. Train new employees and outline your expectations. Consider providing information sheets or pairing up trainees to monitor each other’s performance. Existing employees may also need training for new systems and products, or to ensure they are completing tasks efficiently. 

Finally, be sure to motivate your staff. This doesn’t have to be a large monetary impact – drive comes in large part from an employee’s sense of self-worth. When they do a good job, acknowledge those employees and recognize their successes. Providing employees with a greater purpose can improve overall productivity and renew their passion to work with your business. 

Need an Update?

It can be easy to find a great cleaning routine and use it for years without realizing something better has come along. As safer chemicals are identified and we get more information on staying healthy during the pandemic, Lawton Brothers is just one call away. Let us help you sort through your cleaning routine to identify where you could be saving time, money, and the environment. Give us a call today at: 800.432.0813.

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