Do You Know What Type of Floor You're Cleaning?

by Lawton Brothers | Sep 08, 2014
Lawton Brothers

At Lawton Brothers we are constantly seeking methods to increase your facility’s cleaning process and safety. The International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) recently shared some hints to help your team identify types of flooring they may find themselves working on. We’d like to share a few of those useful tips with you here: 

The ISSA recently shared a video clip of Bill Griffin, President of Cleaning Consultant Services, explaining proper floor identification methods of hard substances including stone, ceramic tile, and concrete. Griffin explains the importance of identifying the type of flooring in order to provide the proper maintenance. The first method suggested is a “tap test,” where you simply tap the floor with a coin and listen to what sound it makes. Visual reviews can also be effective. For example, granite has small crystals present throughout which can be viewed with the naked eye or even more easily with a portable microscope. Similarly, marble has trademark veins running throughout the stone. A more involved test involves scraping the side of the stone with a knife. Be careful because this method will scratch softer stones like marble. Another option is the acid test, which will leave a different mark depending on what type of stone it is. It’s important to wipe the acid off right away to avoid leaving extensive damage. 

As your resource for janitorial supplies and cleaning solutions in Central Florida, we hope that you find this information helpful in your future cleaning endeavors. If your facility cleaning team requires comprehensive training, contact our team at Lawton Brothers today. 
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