Disinfect Touch Points to Prevent the Flu

by Lawton Brothers | Nov 09, 2018

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The flu virus is a tenacious pathogen, living up to 48 hours on surfaces outside the human body and spreading like wildfire through schools and workplaces. However, the flu can be halted in its tracks with careful attention to cleaning and disinfecting the commonly touched surfaces in a workplace.

How Does the Flu Spread so Quickly?

The flu virus spreads by contact using human hands. A sick person blows their nose, doesn’t wash their hands, and later touches a door handle, light switch, or a stapler, which is used by another person. In a workplace, where many objects are shared, such as computer keyboards, telephones, ink pens, drinking fountains, or even an innocent-looking piece of paper, the flu can spread rapidly from person to person.

In a restaurant or other facility that prepares or handles food, care should be taken by food servers to clean their hands carefully after handling a customer’s drinking glasses, plates, cups, or utensils. Even picking up coins or paper bills left by a customer can easily transmit the flu virus. After handling such articles, food servers should be instructed not to touch their eyes, nose, or mouth until after washing their hands.

Fight Back with Highly Effective Janitorial Supplies

During the flu season, businesses can lose large amounts of money through employees sick days, so it’s vitally important to keep commonly touched surfaces within a commercial facility effectively disinfected or sanitized. When a commercial facility is properly cleaned, the spread of flu decreases among the personnel.

The first line of defense is for employees to wash their hands frequently using plenty of good quality soap. If water is not available to wash hands, using a gel hand sanitizer with high alcohol content is very effective in destroying the flu virus. Next, thoroughly clean and disinfect or sanitize all commonly touched surfaces on a regular basis, sometimes several times a day.

Commonly touched surfaces or objects, such as elevator buttons, handrails, or glass surfaces should be frequently wiped down with a high-quality disinfectant to destroy the flu pathogens. In areas where food is prepared the surfaces should be sanitized so the food will be safe to eat. Food should never touch a surface that has been disinfected instead of sanitized.

Quality Cleaning Supplies Are Important

When cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing surfaces to prevent the spread of the flu virus in a commercial facility, the quality of the janitorial supplies is essential. Only commercial strength products should be used in order to kill the flu pathogen. The directions of use on a product’s label should be followed carefully to make sure the product will perform adequately and in a safe manner. Using high-quality janitorial products to disinfect or sanitize an area ensures the threat of the flu virus is diminished and no harm is caused to the people that work or visit the commercial facility.

Contact Lawton Brothers

Our family-owned company has helped customers prevent the spread of disease since 1946 by offering superior janitorial products to disinfect and sanitize commonly touched surfaces in commercial settings. For more information, contact Lawton Brothers about the many convenient and highly effective products we offer to help prevent outbreaks of flu and keep cases of this potentially dangerous illness to a minimum.

After many years of extensive research and experience, we now offer our private label of superior janitorial products at very economical prices. Lawton Brothers also conducts classes to teach your janitorial staff the most effective methods for preventing the spread of the flu as well as other methods of disinfecting the workplace and creating a clean and healthy environment.

Here at Lawton Brothers, we also offer a convenient repair and maintenance service for commercial cleaning machines. Our professional staff of technicians is factory trained to keep your janitorial equipment running smoothly and reliably. Lawton Brothers can visit your facility to repair janitorial equipment or repair janitorial equipment in-house.

Contact us by calling 800-432-0813 and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff to discuss your janitorial needs. You can also visit our website at https://www.lawtonbros.com/locations and fill out a Contact Form. We have four convenient showroom locations in Orlando, Ocala, Clearwater, and Melbourne where you can view our complete line of products.

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