Concrete Floor Maintenance

by Lawton Brothers | Jan 25, 2016

polishing concrete
Concrete floors are a very common site in Florida facilities, and for good reason. They are virtually indestructible, easy to clean, and are available in a variety of styles to suit each building’s particular needs. While these floors are extremely durable, they still require care and attention.

Unless the concrete floor your team is maintaining has been sealed with an epoxy, it is extremely porous. Porous floors, even concrete floors, are susceptible to everyday wear and tear and damage over time. Here are a few tips for maintaining concrete floors.

  1. Vacuum. Vacuuming may seem a strange way to remove dry soils from a concrete floor. It is actually the most effective way. Because concrete is porous, when you use a broom or dust mop, you can actually force the debris into the concrete. Over time, this can cause the concrete to weaken.If you vacuum the dry soil, you can effectively remove the debris without forcing it into concrete.
  2. Place Entry Mats. Mats serve as a place for dry and wet soils to collect before people enter your facility. Having these mats at each door and places where spills commonly occur, e.g. cafeterias, can cut down on concrete floor wear and tear.
  3. Polishing. Polishing concrete floors requires the use of special equipment, but frequent polishing not only restores the concrete’s shine, it also removes any set-in surface soils. If you have questions about the types of buffers or pads appropriate for your facility’s concrete floors, give Lawton Brother’s a call today.

Maintaining concrete floors is not as difficult or high maintenance as some other types of flooring, but it is important to continually clean and take care of them. Doing all you can to promptly clean concrete floors will preserve their durability for years to come. If you have questions about maintaining polished or sealed concrete floors, please call us today. The Lawton Brothers are always happy to help custodial teams do their best work with the best janitorial supplies possible.

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