Commercial Cleaning vs. Janitorial Cleaning

by Lawton Brothers | May 24, 2022


Commercial Cleaning vs Janitorial Cleaning

As a business owner, you understand the importance of keeping your facility clean and tidy. Whether it’s a warehouse, store, or office space, the level of cleanliness and organization directly impacts your customers’ perception of your business. While many companies will choose to keep their workspace clean by hiring an in-house cleaning crew, a vast majority of businesses either don’t have the resources for an in-house crew or would rather hire a third-party cleaning service. The phrases “commercial cleaning services” and “janitorial services” tend to be used interchangeably, however, there are some key differences that you might want to know before hiring a professional. 

Janitorial vs Commercial – What’s the Difference?

The key difference is in the level or scale of cleaning services provided. Typically, hiring a janitorial service will include smaller, everyday tasks such as vacuuming and trash removal. Commercial cleaning services, on the other hand, are prepared for larger jobs that are done only a few times a year. For example, many companies hire commercial cleaning services for annual deep cleanings or prior to special events. Commercial services have the training and equipment to tackle larger and more intense tasks, which cannot be matched by janitorial services. 

Janitorial Services

Janitorial cleaning services are generally equipped to handle all of the daily maintenance needs of your facility. While the specific duties will vary depending on the line of business, most janitorial services include these general cleaning tasks: sweeping and mopping floors, collecting and removing trash, vacuuming carpets, cleaning windows and dusting, cleaning toilets/bathrooms, and disinfecting high-use items. 

Commercial Services

Though the term “commercial cleaning” can be used interchangeably with “industrial cleaning”, the two are very different. Commercial cleaning is less intense and does not use heavy-duty equipment or chemicals. That being said, commercial cleaners do still require special training that is usually specific to an industry. Specialists must follow stringent requirements and use advanced cleaning techniques to present a complete clean. These tasks can include sanitization and disinfection, carpet cleaning, tile or grout cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, and specialty cleaning for critical environments such as hospitals. 

Choosing a Service

There are a few different factors to keep in mind when considering what type of cleaning service is best suited for your facility. Generally, if you have a smaller space, janitorial services can likely handle the job. However, this is not the case in every scenario and it can help to make some lists. 

  • Services offered: Write out all the services you will need, as well as the frequency you will need them. This is the most important piece of information when selecting a cleaning service.
  • Rates: Receiving rates from various competitors in the area can help ensure a fair price for the value of the services received, however, be mindful not to sacrifice quality.
  • Experience: It is not only important to select a company with experience in the commercial cleaning industry but also within your individual industry. This will ensure they are capable of meeting your specific needs. 

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