5 Commercial Cleaning Myths, Debunked.

by Lawton Brothers | Oct 09, 2020


When it comes to commercial cleaning, there are quite a few misconceptions about both cleaning methods and cleaning products. It can be confusing to navigate the commercial cleaning world without prior knowledge to assist your search for quality care. While all cleaning is in the same vein, commercial cleaning is an entirely different ballgame from household and residential cleaning. No need for concern, however; we have rounded up the five most common commercial cleaning myths to help save you the trouble of a cleaning mishap. 

MYTH: It Does Not Matter What Cleaning Products Are Used

We’re starting off with one of the most important myths. In actuality, the type of cleaning products to use in your facility is vital information to know. Many cleaners use harmful chemicals which can cause health problems and injury if used incorrectly. When choosing a cleaner, first make sure a chemical is intended to remove the type of soil you are trying to clean. Second, be sure to pay attention to the surface it is intended for, other products that can and cannot be used in conjunction, and proper usage of the chemical. Having trouble finding products that get the job done, while also staying in budget? Check out our chemicals catalog or give us a call! 

MYTH: Professional Help Is Not Necessary

Cleaning your office and business facility are a completely different ballgame than cleaning your home. While we understand the convenience of wanting to treat your business the same as your home, there are a variety of mistakes that can be made in doing so. If you aren’t sure your cleaning routine is up to par, give us a call. We’d be happy to walk through your regimen with you. 

MYTH: If It Smells ‘Clean’, It Must be Clean

Many people associate pleasant smells with cleanliness. In reality, if you can smell it, you’re likely breathing in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Deodorizers and fragrances can easily be used to mask the fact that a space is not effectively cleaned. The cleanest scent is odorless. 

MYTH: Bleach Cleans Everything

While bleach is effective for certain soils, it is not an all-purpose cleaning solution. It cannot completely remove dirt, germs, and microorganisms as effectively as disinfectants and sanitizers. Additionally, bleach is very reactive if it comes into contact with many other cleaning agents. As always, practice caution when using chemicals to avoid harmful chemical reactions. 

MYTH: Vacuuming Daily Damages Your Carpet

Many have the belief that vacuums pull out carpet fibers or otherwise cause damage to carpet the more often you use them. This is simply not the case. Vacuums work hard to remove dust, dirt, and other particles from your carpet to keep it looking and feeling like new. 

Have another question?

There are plenty of other common myths about commercial cleaning that we haven’t mentioned here, and it’s nearly impossible for you to know the truth to all of them. But you don’t have to worry, when Lawton Brothers is just a call away. Our trained professionals can help answer all your cleaning and janitorial questions at: 800.432.0813.

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