Cleaning the Office Kitchen

by Lawton Brothers | Nov 16, 2020

Moving into the holidays, we’re all dreaming of those delicious leftovers from time well-spent with family and friends. In the coming weeks, we will invariably bring these leftovers into the office for lunch. Of course, the office kitchen should be a place of rest and relaxation where we can enjoy time with coworkers. However, a poorly maintained kitchen can spread germs and even lower morale. Follow the tips below to help reduce office germs and dirt in the kitchen and, in turn, have happier and healthier workers.

Tip #1: Create an office kitchen policy.

While drafting and implementing a kitchen policy may not sound ideal, it ensures understanding among employees. This policy can include anything from guidelines on handwashing to fridge etiquette and cleaning expectations. You may even consider allowing employees to submit ideas and assist in making decisions around the policy. This can help when transitioning toward a more regulated method of maintenance.

Tip #2: Show and Tell.

Don’t expect your employees to make a change all at once. After all, we are creatures of habit and it can be difficult to break those habits. Be sure to review the new policy with all employees to clear up any confusion. Provide direct instruction on proper cleaning methods and be sure to include this in training for new employees. 

Additionally, it is a great idea to post signs in the kitchen area to remind staff of correct procedures. For example, you can encourage workers to consistently wash their hands by placing a sign above the sink or on the door to the kitchen.

Tip #3: Always clean spills.

The difference between a spill and a stain is time. Cleaning a spill right away can prevent stains from setting in. Where possible, limit eating in carpeted areas as crumbs and germs can harbor between carpet fibers. Proper cleaning and sanitization of both the floor and countertops can assist in keeping a tidy office kitchen.

Tip #4: Clear countertop clutter.

Countertops may not seem like a health hazard initially, but considering the number of items that we place on top of the counter – such as mail, keys, purses, and food – it’s no wonder how germs can spread through office spaces so quickly. Ensure that workers are cleaning the counter space both before and after food preparation to help reduce the transmission and ingestion of germs.

Tip #5: Make cleaning easy.

Keeping proper cleaning supplies nearby increases the likelihood that your employees will use them. Be sure to use commercial cleaning agents and provide gloves and other cleaning apparatus to protect employees. 

Have questions?

There are plenty of other common myths about commercial cleaning that we haven’t mentioned here, and it’s nearly impossible for you to know the truth to all of them. But you don’t have to worry, when Lawton Brothers is just a call away. Our trained professionals can help answer all your cleaning and janitorial questions at: 800.432.0813.

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