Cleaning Green for Earth Day

by Lawton Brothers | Apr 22, 2017

The interest and focus on sustainable and green practices have emerged over the years in a wide array of industries and companies. People are beginning to understand and believe in the inherent value of thinking about environmental impact through their everyday work, and that is most certainly true for cleaning supplies and equipment. Because of the variety of tools, chemicals, and solvents we use, there are quite a few ways that some thoughtful changes can transform how a business addresses the green quality of their cleaning. With Earth Day arriving on April 22nd of this year, it is a great day to not only spruce up the exterior spaces around your building, parking lot, or neighborhood but it is an excellent way to kick off your company's commitment to green cleaning.

Seeing Is Believing

One of the best ways to get your business and cleaning professionals on board with a new sustainable model is to show them the differences that the changes make. One of the first things that people will ask, is "will this product/equipment be able to do the work at the same high quality that is expected of a traditional item?" By demonstrating that a product is comparable in performance along with environmentally-friendly benefits, it can fully change a user's perspective. Showcasing impact demonstrations to decision makers and cleaning professionals are key. For some companies, this might include demonstrating the waste generated by paper towels and their cleaning performance in comparison to microfiber cloths. If you are switching to high filtration bags for your vacuums, a great exercise is to have staff clean with the traditional bag and the high filtration, then cut open each to see the difference in collection as well as begin a discussion on the air quality and environmental benefits.

Recycled Content Is Key

One of the simplest changes you can make is by finding a wide variety of products that are manufactured with recycled content. Many suppliers are finding the value in recycled content in their production, along with recognizing the desire of consumers to purchase recycled content. Some items might have pre-consumer recycled content, which means that it is utilizing materials that come directly from the manufacturing process. Others might have post-consumer recycling, which means that it is using content after an item was purchased. Both types of recycling is a positive addition to your cleaning regimen. You can easily find post-consumer paper products and trash bags to incorporate into your wide array of cleaning supplies.

Switching Up Your Process

Another way to clean green in your business is to consider how certain processes of cleaning can be modified. This would include showing people how a particular task needs to be completed for better environmental impact, as well as completing training in any new process. This is especially true for something that has a long tradition of being completed one way, and a new process is being introduced. A dual compartment mop bucket may be a new way of cleaning that incorporates reducing water consumption, and cleans more thoroughly due to cleaner water and reduction in cross contamination. Incorporating walk off or outdoor mats to minimize dirt, snow, and water being transferred to interior spaces is another way to bring in a new process. You might find one with recycled content or sustainably harvested material to continue the environmentally friendly mission into your purchases.

Bringing In New Tools

From automated equipment to green certified cleaning products, there is a wide variety of new devices you can incorporate. It is important to find the best new tools that fit your company and integrate them in a way that has the highest impact. This might mean forgoing hand towels in toilet rooms and opting for hand dryers. It might also mean dispensing of traditional cleaning chemicals or soaps and replacing them with green certified products. If you know that investing in machinery or robotic cleaners on the forefront of technology is the direction you are looking for, you might find that automatic scrubbers and floor machines are perfect for your space.

Whether you incorporate all of these ideas in one giant step or roll out a variety of changes in a series of small steps, any change in your process will be a positive move in green cleaning. This Earth Day is a perfect day to start.

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