Cleaning and Maintenance of Public Restrooms: Are Your Restrooms Clean?

by Lawton Brothers | Mar 19, 2020


Properly cleaning public restrooms can become a chore, especially if your business becomes increasingly busy. Sometimes, it’s put off until the very end, which can lead to dirty bathrooms and ultimately, a loss of customers. 

At Lawton Brothers, we want to help you understand restroom cleaning standards, as well as process to properly clean bathrooms. 


In our blog, Is Store Cleanliness Important to Drawing in Customers, we discussed a 2016 study that found that consumers will not return a store due to: 

●      Bad odors such as unkept trash, food not being disposed of, etc

●      Unclean restrooms such as trash receptacles not being taken out, toilets not being clean, etc

●      Unclean entry points such as trash being thrown to the ground rather than in a trash can

●      Unkept changing rooms

●      Reviews of uncleanliness 

Did you know that an unclean bathroom can cost your business money?  Customers, even patients, equate clean or unclean bathrooms with the rest of your business. If you have an unclean restroom, a customer might begin to wonder if other parts of your business like a kitchen is also dirty. Studies find that 50 percent of people are unwilling to return to an establishment due to dirty restrooms. Yikes! 


Before cleaning, follow these three steps: 

  1. Gather equipment including brooms, mop buckets, mops, wet floor signs and other cleaning materials.
  2. Prepare the area that you will be cleaning. This could include placing wet floor signs in the area or even closing down the restroom.
  3. Make sure that your employee is wearing proper protective equipment like gloves and eyewear. 

Then, when your employee begins cleaning:

Clean the toilet(s) first by spraying inside and outside. Don’t flush the toilet immediately; allow some time for the disinfectant to work.

  1. Next, clean the sink(s), counters and mirrors by spraying your cleaner on the surface. Like the toilets, allow time for the disinfectant to work. After, wipe down these areas.
  2. Dust areas from top to bottom. This allows for a clean area without needing to go back through the area a second time. Pick up trash that may fall as you go. After, sweep/dust the floor.
  3. After the employee has done steps one through three, they can start refilling supplies in the bathroom and cleaning all dispensers, along with removing trash bags and replacing liners.
  4. Now, go back to step one. Remember that the disinfectant was left on the toilet? Now, the employee can use the bowl cleaner to scrub the inside of the toilet and then a cloth to wipe the outside down. After finishing cleaning the toilet, make sure to wipe down the walls around it, as well.
  5. Last, but not least, begin mopping with a disinfectant cleaner. 

After the employee has finished cleaning the area, they should inspect the work that has been completed and write down any damage that has been done to the bathroom that needs to be repaired. 

Below are some green cleaning tips that your business could employ: 

●      Always spray cleaner in a stream or onto a cloth.

●      Properly dilute products.

●      Make sure all cleaning bottles are properly labeled.

●      Do not mix ANY cleaning products.

●      Machine-scrub floors with a disinfectant every month.

●      Make sure to leave disinfectants on surfaces for an extended period of time to allow them to properly work. 

●      Use a microfiber cloth when possible. 


As business owners, we understand the need to keep customers coming back, and we want to be able to help you do that. As a business, we understand that once you get busy, it can be hard to remember to do anything except help customers. But in the end, not cleaning your restrooms, can end up hurting your customers long-term, as they won’t come back. That’s why our team is dedicated to sitting down with you to discuss your bathroom cleaning needs, including the number of bathrooms you have and your cleaning needs so that they can find the best products and training for your business and its employees. You can give us a call today at 800.432.0813 to discuss these products or take a look at our online catalog, which includes janitorial supplies such as:

○      Chemical Cleaning Products

○      Cleaning Equipment

○      Cleaning Supplies

○      Trash Liners

○      Floor Matting

○      Paper Products

○      Trash Receptacles

○      Restroom Equipment like baby changing areas

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