Breathe Easy with HyScent

by Lawton Brothers | Jun 11, 2020

We are all aware of the importance of air fresheners, but it can be difficult to find the right option for your business. After all, aren’t they all the same? Even the automatic dispensers and brand name home air fresheners are aerosols filled with propellants like propane as well as other chemicals and synthetic additives for fragrance that linger in the air and mask scents rather than effectively dispersing odors. Are you as tired of those old metal cans as we are? Well we’ve got some good news for you! 

You can wave goodbye to those chemical air fresheners with HyScent. HyScent is a company dedicated to providing innovative dispensing technology and delivering the highest quality fragrances for every business and person around the world. Their fragrances and machines are used in companies across the globe – you might even recognize a certain sweet, cinnamon-y fragrance associated with your favorite iced bun shop! HyScent devices are aesthetically pleasing and are silent operators designed for commercial use. 

     HyScent devices are:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Simple to operate, with minimal programming required
  • Aerosol, solvent, and propellant-free
  • Silent and small
  • Theft proof and can be mounted onto the wall

HyScent devices run on dual-cell batteries that last up to an entire 12 months and can be paired with an assortment of fragrances that are all VOC compliant, eco-friendly, and dry. The smallest of their devices, Solo, is capable of cleansing up to 220 square feet. Like all HyScent products, it maximizes efficiency and airflow dynamics for a consistent fragrance that lasts between 45 and 60 days – much longer than the average air freshener. 

Even better? All of the fragrances and refills are made from pure essential oils and designed to boost mood! HyScent fragrances are designed around the olfactive pyramid – this means that they are a complex blend of top, middle, and base notes that combine to create the character of the fragrance. HyScent fragrances are even customizable! 

Fragrance refills are made from a Proprietary Polymer Blend infused with pure essential oils at the molecular level to ensure an even release throughout the life of the refill. Unlike aerosols, gels, and liquid oil products, HyScent fragrances emit a dry vapor that is absent of propellants, petroleum distillates, and harmful solvents. They are nonflammable, fully recyclable under plastics category 7, and have a shelf life of 2 years. 


Keeping your business welcoming is no small task – that’s why we’re here to make it easier! Call Lawton Brothers today to see how HyScent devices and fragrances can elevate your space and personalize the experience your customers have. Why wait? Contact us at: 800.432.0813 or schedule a free consultation online.

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