Best Product Match for Your Janitorial Job

by Lawton Brothers | Jun 28, 2018

Did you know that "green" janitorial cleaning products work so well, you'll scarcely miss your old, toxic solutions? Developed specifically for tough jobs, our proprietary Lawton Brothers products can wipe out dirt everywhere when you select the best product match for the job at hand. This article will introduce you to our line-up of superior cleaners that will quickly become your new favorites.


Toilets and Urinals

Use Bowl Creme to remove urine stains, rust and lime on porcelain and to deodorize it, too.


Express cleans your sinks with a few quick squirts and a wipe with a microfiber towel. Safe on fiberglass, metal and porcelain. Say good-bye to biological residue, soap scum, grease and lime.


For a thick cleaner that holds to vertical surfaces, try Big Easy . This solution cleans body oils, mineral deposits and soap scum off tile, metal and fiberglass.

All of these bathroom cleaners are non-fuming, so it's safe to breathe while you work. Refill the hand soap dispensers with biodegradable  Creme or pearly, almond-scented Derma Silk.

Hard Floors


When concerned about biodegradability, use Fast Break  to strip your floors. You can use Fast Freak  with a floor machine, scrubber or mop. As the industry's most powerful stripper, use ammonia-free Blast Off on the toughest jobs. It will strip even the most built-up, hardened finishes and seals.


Daily cleaning jobs call for either Surpass, NLC or Green Clean. Green Clean and NLC are pH neutral, biodegradable and good for coated floors, leaving finishes intact. Green Clean will get up the heavier soils while NLC works best for lighter jobs. But Surpass will both clean and refinish at the same time to save time and labor.


Your high traffic areas that shine need a Classic 25 finish. This product resists staining, scuffing and powdering while offering a high-gloss finish.

Rave and Dura Flex offer more solids for easy maintenance and soil-resistant floors. Rave works great as a self-sealing finish requiring less daily care while super speedy Dura Flex dries in 10 minutes when you need a floor ready fast.

Non-Slip Sealer

Do you need a non-slip floor without mats or other skid-arresters? Use SolidStepCote (not a Lawton Brothers product) for the best, crystal clear finish designed to create a lasting bond with nearly any surface. As a high-tech, green and water-based coating, SolidStepCote makes tile, stone and vinyl composite floors skid-resistant while preserving the beauty of the original floor.



For good general purpose spotting, use Freedom. This non-resoiling, biodegradable spotter effectively works on water-soluble greasy stains. But when you have tough, oily stains, reach for the can of Spots Out to do the job. It requires no rubbing and leaves no residue.


Before a maintenance run with your spin bonnet, pre-treat with Release. This low-pH, non-resoiling spray has a pleasant floral scent, is biodegradable and safe for all carpet types including 5th generation.

Steam Traffic Lanes will pre-treat those heavy traffic paths where shoes drag in street oils and grind them into the carpet. This alkaline pre-spray is biodegradable and quite effective.

Do you clean facilities that host animals? Use the enzymatic K-9 treatment to eliminate odors from urine, feces and vomit.

Encapsulation or Extraction

For maintenance between deep extraction cleanings, use Interim. When used with your dual brush machine t, Interim encapsulates the soil, brightens the carpet and retards soiling.

When it's time to extract the carpets that haven't seen the worst of it, you should choose Retriever. As a neutral pH concentrate, Retriever deodorizes as it brightens all types of carpet fibers.

Liberty offers versatility along with deep cleaning encapsulation. You can use it for pre-spray, extraction and, dry encapsulation brush cleaning, extraction cleaning or pre-spray methods. This product employs polymers for encapsulation and electrodynamic cleaning and deodorizing.

Use highly concentrated Steam Vac Concentrate for your deep extraction power cleaning. Its alkalinity devours oil and grease for bright renewal of the dirtiest carpets.

Have past cleanings  left product in the fibers? Use Brown Out to rinse and remove detergents and minerals left behind from inadequate extractions. Brown Out neutralizes and leaves carpets brighter without leaving re-soiling agents behind.

Please see our brochure for all of our Lawton Brothers cleaning products. We've developed something for nearly every type of janitorial job. But we also carry many brands so you can clean as green or not, as you prefer.

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