Best Practices for Cleaning Tile Hard floors

by Lawton Brothers | Aug 06, 2018

cleaning tile hard floors
Tile is one of the most durable floor materials. Besides being tough, tile is water and stain resistant and is an excellent choice for commercial applications.

Tile Floors in a Commercial Setting

Commercial tile hard floors take a lot of abuse, ranging from the scuffs and scrapes of high foot traffic to tracked-in water when it rains. To make sure a tile floor in a commercial setting always looks clean and attractive, it should receive regular maintenance, which includes daily care as well as a schedule of periodic heavy duty cleaning.

Daily Maintenance for Tile Floors

The daily care for a tile floor should include vacuuming or at a minimum sweeping to remove all dry loose dirt and miscellaneous debris. After the floor is vacuumed clean, auto-scrub the tile with water mixed with a neutral cleaner, like Hillyard’s Super Shine All, or damp mop if you don’t have a auto-scrubber. If spills occur during the operating hours, they should be cleaned up within a 12-hour timeframe to avoid staining the grout.

When cleaning a commercial floor, if mopping, aways use a clean mop. Make sure the mop bucket is rinsed out well beforehand and contains clean water as well. Change the water in the mop bucket as often as needed and never reuse dirty water when cleaning floors. A good rule of thumb on changing the mopping solution is to change it when you can no longer see the bottom of the mop bucket.

Periodic Deep Cleaning for Tile

Deep cleanings remove ground-in grime and stains a daily cleaning can’t eliminate and touch up the appearance of the grout. In a commercial setting, floor scrubbing machines are excellent for deep cleanings. Tile floors should be deep cleaned on a regular schedule to keep them looking their best. Not allowing ground-in dirt and stains to remain too long on a floor helps to extend the years of service of tile.

The maintenance schedule for deep cleanings can vary, depending on how much wear and tear the tile floor receives. A tile floor that is subjected to lots of spills, moisture and dirt may need to be cleaned with a floor scrubber as often as once a week. A tile floor in a cleaner dry setting may only need to be deep cleaned once every quarter of a year.

When deep cleaning avoid the use of acid based cleaners. They erode the grout. The use of a alkaline chelate grout cleaner degreaser, like Lawton’s Petra Clean, will not erode the grout joint.

Special Care for Tile In a Commercial Kitchen

In a food preparation area, restaurants use grouted quarry tile. The downside of this type of floor is oil and other food can stain the grout between the tiles and this requires special cleaning.

Restaurants have floor drains, and this requires careful daily cleaning around the drains to make sure no mold has formed around the drain. After mopping, use a long-handled stiff-bristled brush to scrub away bits of stuck-on food then mop again. Using the brush or a squeegee, push any excess water toward the floor drain. Use fans to dry the floor quickly.

In a commercial kitchen, oil and grease can penetrate the surface of the tile and make the surface slippery. Not stripping grease from the floor can create a dangerous work environment for employees, which can result in injuries and worker compensation claims.

Using good quality and consistent procedures, as well as, a quality degreaser like Lawton’s Float can solve this problem.

Kitchen Mops Only in the Kitchen

Always use a specially designated mop and mop bucket for a commercial kitchen tile floor. Never use a mop used in other areas, such as restrooms, because of the possibility of spreading harmful bacteria. Because of grease, a mop used in a commercial kitchen shouldn’t be used in dining areas because it could make the floors slippery and cause customer accidents.

Kitchen Tile Deep Clean

For periodic deep cleanings of tile in a commercial kitchen, scrub the floor with a professional floor scrubber and brush to  remove any penetrating stains or oil that regular mopping can’t remove. Deep clean a commercial kitchen tile floor at least once a week.

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