Be Proactive About Your Equipment’s Maintenance

by Lawton Brothers | Jun 22, 2015

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At Lawton Brothers, we're qualified to work on many brands of janitorial equipment, but we hate to see our clients inconvenienced by a trip to the shop when they should be out doing their work. 

The best way to insure you’re not put in an undesirable situation, that could hurt your bottom line, is to create an equipment maintenance plan. As suppliers, we know what manufacturers recommend and would be happy to help you out. Here are a few ideas: 

-Replace parts, such as: brushes, hoses, filters and belts when they show signs of heavy ware.

- Train everyone who will be using the equipment on proper use and cleaning procedures. Ensure they understand and follow those procedures with a logbook, or similar system.

- Schedule maintenance for the machine as a whole according to manufacturers specifications. By planning this out, you’ll be able to anticipate the equipment’s absence instead of being surprised when it breaks down. 

Making an equipment maintenance plan and adhering to it will spare your business the embarrassing and costly hassle of working around broken machines. You’ll be able to use the equipment for longer and won’t be surprised when it finally does need to be replaced. 

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