Advantages of the Pro-Link Microfiber System

by Lawton Brothers | Apr 28, 2020

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As a business owner that is responsible for not only your customers but also your employees, maintaining clean and safe floors and work surfaces is essential. Unfortunately, it can be challenging.

As Lawton Brothers, our job is to find the best products for your needs, and we believe you have found it. Pro-Link microfiber products were designed to meet industrial and commercial demands.


According to Pro-Link, it’s microfiber cleaning products promotes:

 ●      Better Cleaning

●      Improved Worker Safety

●      Reduced Costs and Waste

●      Reduced Cross-Contamination

Better Cleaning 

According to Washington University, due to microfiber being a polyester and nylon (polyamide) fiber and the fiber being split small than human hair, it is a more superior tool to use when cleaning because of its ability to get into cracks that other materials would not be able to get into. This increased surface area allows microfiber to absorb seven to eight times their weight in liquid. 

Microfiber materials are also better at capturing microbes. According to a study done by the University of California, Davis Medical Center, a cotton loop mop reduced bacteria on floors by 30 percent, while microfiber mops reduced them by 99 percent.

Improved Worker Safety 

According to the University of California, David Medical Center, microfiber mops weigh five pounds less than a regular wet mop. Additionally, the mop head is changed after every room, which can help your cleaning staff in two ways: 

  1. The wringing of the mop (which takes a lot of effort) is eliminated.
  2. If the mop is not put back into the cleaning liquid, it does not need to be changed, meaning your staff doesn’t need to lift multiples times as it can weigh up to 30 pounds, and is lifted an average of seven times per day. 

Reduced Costs and Waste 

Due to microfiber products being a green cleaning tool, your cleaning staff won’t need to use as many chemicals for their tasks, reducing the risk of chemical risks. Additionally, when laundering these mop pads, less energy is needed, which reduces your facility’s waste. 

Reduced Cross-Contamination 

Due to the easy ability to change out the microfiber mop pad, the risk of cross-contamination and spread of infection decreases. 



Depending on your cleaning goals, there are two types of systems you should think about-the double bucket system and the bucketless system. 

Double Bucket System 

The Double Bucket System is ideal for janitorial mopping. Benefits include: 

●      Keeping water and chemical fresh

●      Reducing cross-contamination

●      Providing angled mop press handles ensuring mops are wrung every time

●      Having a superior range of motion 

Bucketless System 

The Bucketless System can be used at small or midsized facilities that require frequent cleaning. Benefits include: 

●      Having aluminum handles and a detachable plastic reservoir

●      Featuring an easy to use handle lever


Depending on your cleaning goals, Pro-Link offers multiple microfiber options and accessories to help your cleaning staff become more efficient and safe during their workday, including: 

●      Charging Systems:

○      Standard Microfiber Charging Bucket

○      Premium Microfiber Charging & Wringing Bucket

○      Microfiber Dosing/Cleaning Buckets

○      Charging System Trolleys

●      Wet Cleaning Flat Mops:

○      Ultra Looped-End Microfiber Wet Pads

○      Heavy-Duty Microfiber Wet pads

○      Heavy Duty Striped Microfiber Scrubber Wet Pads

○      Ultra Aggressor Microfiber Wet Pads

○      Healthcare Microfiber Wet Pads

●      Wet Cleaning Traditional Mops:

○      Rough Surface Tube Microfiber Wet Mops

○      Ribbed Pattern Microfiber Wet Mops

○      Tough Twist Microfiber String Wet Mops

○      MicroTwist Disposable Microfiber Wet Mops

●      Dry/ Dust Cleaning Tools:

○      Microfiber Scissor Dust Mops

○      Heavy Duty Microfiber Pads

○      Cut Pile Heavy Duty Microfiber Dust Pads

○      Ultra Hybrid Microfiber Dust Mop Pads

○      Fusion Quick Change Microfiber Dust Mops

○      Disposable Microfiber Dry/Dust Mop Pads

○      Flex High Reach Microfiber Dusters

○      Mini-Flex Microfiber Duster Kit

●      Cloths:

○      Microfiber Glass Cloths

○      12-Pack Contractor Bag Microfiber Cloths

○      Microfiber Cloths 

To read more in-depth information about each category and the benefits of each product, click here. 


At Lawton Brothers, we understand that each company has unique cleaning goals. Our mission is to help you find a cleaning system that works for your facility. Give us a call to talk about your cleaning needs at 800.432.0813. 


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