A Safe Disinfectant

by Lawton Brothers | Apr 11, 2018

GenEon Solutions Technology that has created a line of products that surpass the effectiveness of traditional cleaning technologies.

GenEon Technologies’ products eliminate bacteria and other harmful pathogens, and create a healthier environment. These solutions provide all the advantages of traditional cleaners, without the toxins or the high cost.

GenEon’s engineered water technologies provide a wide array of cleaning and sanitizing uses which advance the health and safety of customers.

The company’s innovative design enables the onsite generation of a non toxic sanitizing and disinfecting solution to be produced.


  • Sustainable-the effective cleaning and disinfecting agents use no caustic chemicals that can harm the environment. Minerals mixed with plain make this the most unique solution on today’s market. Sustainability far exceeds green standards and takes into the entire life-cycle of product usage, including the way the product is used, how it affects the user and its impact on the environment.

  • On-Site Generation-this unique technology enables the user to produce cleaning and disinfecting solutions at their own facility upon demand. Innovative technology allows for the production of cleaning supplies on-site.

  • Safety- solutions are harmless safe and do not have the harsh side effects of traditional chemical cleaners and disinfectants. GenEon products eliminate the need to purchase harsh chemicals.

  • Efficient- The efficiency of the unique on-site production can make a bottom-line difference when compared to the traditional practice of repeatedly buying chemicals.

How GenEon Sanitizing and Disinfecting Solution Kills Germ

GenEon’s technology allows users to create an electrically charged mixture of water and proprietary minerals known as Electrolyzed Water, which cleans and sanitizes without damaging the environment.

Three steps instructions:

1. Add minerals

2. Fill the container with tap water

3. Stir or shake the mixture to activate the cleaning power of the Electrochemical Activated Water Technology unique to GenEon products.

Where to Use GenEon Solutions

Products are for use in medical facilities, food establishments and plants, schools, and business offices. It is useful at any location sanitizing is needed. GenEon Technology presents solutions that exceed the requisite health and safety standards.

  • Schools- to reduce indoor pollution such as bacteria, viruses, dust, allergens, molds, and fungal spores and reduce air-borne pathogens that cause illness. Special attention must go to hallway walls and floors. Use the MIST combined with solutions from GenEons Trio Rx as to eliminate pathogen in large areas

  • Hospitals- use to generate the right solution for a Hospital Grade Disinfectant. The GenEon Solution destroys microbes and continues to kill them for 24 hours. The product offers the best known disinfectant solution for hospital environments.

  • Restaurants- Restaurants must maintain a clean and sanitized environment for the health and safety of your employees and customers. Use the MIST combined with solutions from GenEons Trio Rx as to eliminate pathogen in large areas This is a dynamic, immensely effective solution with 24-hour residual, broad-spectrum protection.

While green advancements have helped, they have not eliminated the traditional obstacles of cost, risk, and impracticality associated with cleaning systems.

GenEon’s innovative technology offers an ideal alternative to customers with the next generation of cleaning and sanitizing solutions.

Remember, GenEon creates eco-friendly products and technologies, such as cleaners, sanitizers and disinfectants.

The on-site production technology presents a competitive advantage, due to product efficiency, eco-friendliness, and simplicity of use.

GenEon solutions enable customers to mix their own cleaning products on-site simply, safely and without making a mess.

Lawton Brothers is a full-service distributor of janitorial products, supplies and equipment. Our company places a large emphasis on green cleaning products and techniques. We are not only a janitorial supply company; we are also well-known cleaning experts.

Our cleaning expertise, training and support helps consumers to improve the overall level of clean in their facilities while controlling costs.

The high performance products we offer along with process training reduces labor costs while yielding cleaner, healthier facilities.

The Lawton Brothers Company works to understand the needs of their customers, then works with their clients to implement effective solutions and provide continuous training and support. Lawton Brothers can be contacted by telephone at 800.432.0813.

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