A Better Clean in 2019

by Lawton Brothers | Dec 06, 2018

better clean
It is nearly a rite of passage and it is a practice we engage in often, even yearly! These are our end of the year reflections and our New Year resolutions. For many businesses, those resolutions may be called projections, forecasts or goals. if your company is considering the possibility and benefits of green cleaning in the new year or if you are already involved in the green movement, then you are in good company. One report from the ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association) said it this way:

"Stated simply, green cleaning is truly a marketplace phenomenon that is being driven by customer demand and the overall trending of the broad marketplace for environmentally preferable products and services."

This is, of course, only one of many potential goals and decisions a company could make to improve their business for the coming year. Other organizations may simply want to do something more common, like reduce unnecessary expenses. The cost of cleaning supplies and chemicals could be one such area where a business could find room to save a few dollars.

A Better Clean in 2019

The bills for cleaning equipment and supplies are considerable and for some industries, they can be downright hefty. Finding the best suppliers and proper training of employees charged with such sanitary and maintenance tasks can result in savings. These are also the steps to achieving a better, healthier and cleaner business in 2019.

There are many reasons and proven techniques for properly and effectively training employees in the various aspects of cleaning. These reasons can be anything from providing a healthier environment to assuring customer safety. The reasons for adopting and improving your cleaning practices go well beyond the obvious however...

A Better Clean Benefits Your Business

As industry professionals, we understand on a more intimate level than most, the importance of keeping our schools, facilities and organizations clean, green and healthy. The common patrons of these institutions aren't as likely to be aware of the vital services we provide. What they will notice though, is a clean and healthy environment. Another article from ISSA discussing the psychology of cleanliness posed this thought:

"If the result of having a visibly cleaner facility is happier tenants, students, patients, customers, and workers, imagine the amount of business value that could generate?"

Turning more focus and energy toward your business' cleaning techniques, employee training program and suppliers, for example, isn't just a good decision for the health and benefit of employees and customers. It is also a good decision for the health and benefit of your business. The highest quality chemicals at the right prices and a crew trained and educated in the use of equipment and cleaning chemicals combined with a company that cares about cleanliness is a winning combination.

The Future of Cleaning

Long gone are the days of using chemicals that are unnecessarily dangerous to property, people or the environment. Today we live in a smarter, more aware and better informed world, that means we clean in smarter and better ways. The future of cleaning is now and for many companies that future includes an intentional effort and focus on green products, services and methods.

This future isn't about a few of us either, this is about all of us. The EPA says that "the cleaning industry employs about 2.8 million potentially exposed janitors." Now imagine how many people come into contact with the areas surfaces and places where chemicals and cleaning compounds were used. A better way of cleaning is the future of cleaning and that future is now.

Well-trained employees result in the proper use of chemicals and equipment. That will typically result in less wasted chemical expenses and increased longevity of cleaning equipment. The benefits of using safer products and employing the best training principles will pay dividends today and tomorrow for everyone.

At Lawton Brothers, delivering the most effective and safest janitorial and sanitary supplies has been a way of life for more than 60 years. From cleaning equipment, chemicals, paper, liners and more they have promoted the advance of better cleaning products and processes. In 2019, it is all about a better clean.


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