10 Questions to Ask a Janitorial Supply Company

by Lawton Brothers | Nov 14, 2019


As a business owner, it's understandable that you would want to vet  any janitorial product supply companies before placing an order with them. That's why at Lawton Brothers, we want to answer any and all of your questions. Our team has put our heads together and developed a list of 10 questions that we frequently receive. If you still have questions after reading this, our team would be more than happy to get on a phone call with you! 

10 Questions to Ask a Janitorial Product Supply Company Before Buying from Them:

  • What services do you have? 


    Understanding the type of services a janitorial supply company offers is essential. If you aren't educated on what kind of product, machine or service you need, you could fall into the risk of buying the wrong service. At Lawton Brothers, we offer more than quality janitorial products; we deliver cleaning expertise to our clients. Our services include:


    ●      Green Cleaning programs that meet USGBC standards

    ●      Floor Care programs that reduce costs and improve safety

    ●      Equipment Service, preventative maintenance and rental programs

    ●      Paper Products & Systems that control waste, eliminate pilferage, and reduce costs

    ●      Floor Matting solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but truly functional

    ●      Cleaning Audits that help you spend your budget dollars where they are most needed

    ●      Comprehensive Cleaning Program

    ●      Training Seminars and On-Site Training


  • Where are you located?


    Location, location, location-- it's crucial. If you need your janitorial supply company to be local, you'll need to know where they are located. At Lawton Brothers, we have four locations, including:

    ●      Orlando – Corporate office

    ●      Clearwater, Florida

    ●      Ocala, Florida

    ●      Melbourne, Florida

    Each site has a showroom, staff that is knowledgeable and a fully stocked inventory.

  • What cleaning products do you offer?


    Understanding the type of cleaning products a janitorial supply company offers will help you figure out what you can get from where. You don't want to order from five separate janitorial supply companies. We provide an online catalog full of supplies, including: 

    ●      Janitorial Supplies

    ○      Chemicals

    ○      Cleaning Equipment

    ○      Cleaning Supplies

    ○      Liners

    ○      Matting

    ○      Paper Products

    ○      Receptacles/Trash

    ○      Restroom Supplies

    ○      Skin Care

    ●      Foodservice Supplies

    ●      Facilities & Grounds Supplies

    ○      Safety Materials

    ○      Tools & Hardware


  • What types of training do you offer?


    Janitorial supply companies that want to go the extra mile will offer training programs for your employees. Training programs can be beneficial, especially when it comes to utilizing chemicals and machines. Lawton Brothers offer training on-site or within our facility. Our training programs include:


    ●      ISSA CMI - Cleaning Industry Training Standard Verified Courses

    ●      CMI General Courses: General Cleaning, Restroom, Customer Service and Safety & HazCom

    ●      Workload, Bidding & Estimating Workshop

    ●      Green Cleaning for Health

    ●      OSHA Right to Know / GHS HazCom

    ●      Bloodborne Pathogens

    ●      Carpet Care

    ●      Restroom Care

    ●      Resilient (VCT) Floor Care

    ●      Tile & Grout Restorative Hard Floor Care

    ●      Marble Natural Stone Floor Care

    ●      Wood & Gym Floor Care

    ●      Disinfecting & Sanitizing

    ●      Cleaning Equipment Use & Care

    ●      Supervisor Development Courses

    ●      Free 1 hour Best Practices Courses


    † - ISSA CMI verified Courses

  • Do you have any certifications?


    When thinking about a janitorial supply company, you may think that is doesn't matter if that company has any certifications or not. But, we're here to tell you that it does matter. Not only can a janitorial supply company be certified, but their products can also. For example, at Lawton Brothers, we are certified as an ISSA CMI Expert. We are Green Seal approved for specific products. 

  • Do you work with businesses within my industry?


    As a janitorial supply company, we believe it is essential that the company you buy your products from has experience within your industry. If the company doesn't know the industry well, they won't be able to recommend the correct products for your facility or building. For example, we have experience working within many sectors, including hospitality, healthcare & medical, administrative and retail industries.


  • Can you tell me what products or machines I need for my building? 

A janitorial supply company should be able to tell you what you need for your building (if they are worth their salt). We are not only a janitorial supply company; we are also cleaning experts. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can provide cleaning expertise, training and support the overall level of cleanliness in your building while also controlling the cost for you.

Not only will our staff be able to talk with you about specific products you are looking for, but we also offer two types of consultations:


Green Cleaning Consultation

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